Monday, September 30, 2019

weekend report

Well, tomorrow is October, but Mother Nature didn't get the memo. It was pretty warm here over the weekend and we still don't have open windows.

The bug kittens go today for their spay/neuter surgeries. Paws crossed for them. Once that is done they will be ready to go and get up on the website. The rescue is SO crowded at this time so it may take a couple of days to get them up to the center but they will be available starting tomorrow.

 If you missed the note on instagram/facebook, Fate is back with us for a few days. Mom noticed that he had a goopy eye and offered to bring him back here rather than have them try to find space at the rescue for him.

He has been gone about 3 weeks and has spent most of that time in a cage. He got here and ran around like a lunatic for about 90 minutes. By the end of it, he was running around by himself and every cat here was finding somewhere to sit and just watch him run past them. Fortunately he got it out of his system fairly quickly after than and settled down. He still runs around a lot and fortunately Goldfish and Chanel love to play with him.

He is a joy and we are hoping he can get some interest soon. He is super sweet and a wonderful kitten.

Chanel slept her way through the weekend and plans to do the same for the rest of the week.


  1. Our temps dipped quite low, and rain, rain, rain...and today, it's going to be HOT, and HOT tomorrow, and I am glad that I didn't put away my summer clothes yet. Chanel, I tried to nap away the weekend, but instead, read BOOKS...with cats (and T-Rexs) in the storylines...FUN!

  2. Paws crossed that Fate gets a home very soon after his eye clears up!

  3. We had a bit of snow, some rain and sleet yesterday. Sure wish we could share.

    Have fun running little Fate. We hope you find your furever home soon.

  4. fate...dood....ewe can come play at my big senior big katoona...iz knot much inta runnin any mor..... ;) ♥♥☺☺

    1. be careful - mom says she thinks you don't live that far away from us :)

  5. We hope the kittens’ surgeries went well...and that Fate’s eye gets better so he can find his home.

  6. I imagine Goldfish loves having a new friend. I bet it's hilarious to watch Chanel, Fate, and Goldfish play!

  7. I'd be the same as Fate: after weeks in a cage, I'd be running, too.


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