Wednesday, September 25, 2019

so NOT helpful

Mom was preparing for our Remember Me Thursday post that will go up tomorrow (be sure to check back, follow on social media and follow the blog hop that will be sponsored by Lola the Rescued Cat).

Since the focus is on adoptions and shelter animals, mom thought it would be cute to get pictures of the kittens with one of the signs that came in our blogger package.

The kittens had other ideas......


  1. OMG, such cuteness! These kittens will be adopted; no languishing in a pound for them!

  2. Yeah, organization is not part of their vocabulary yet. Or probably ever.

  3. guyz....we think yur fotoz bee grate....thatz what two morrowz all a bout....adoptshun....N we hope each oh ewe doez find yur foreverz bye
    octoburrz....17th ☺☺♥♥

  4. That is SO cute. We think they kind of did a good job!

  5. You're all so funny! Cooperation is for lazy kitties, MOL!


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