Monday, August 5, 2019

weekend report

Mom has been gone the last 2 weekends, so she spent a decent amount of time this weekend getting stuff done around the house - lots of laundry and the dreaded vacuum.

But she made sure to take time out to play with the kittens and spend time with us too. Daiquiri, Chanel and Ivy all got pawdicures. Ivy got her revenge and stabbed mom in the hand before mom got to her back toenails. Ouch...

There is something about that cat ladder that brings out goofiness in the tuxedo girls. While some of their craziness makes mom twitch waiting for them to fall off (have we mentioned she finally got them signed up for pet insurance?) but they have a blast.

Chanel likes to hang off in very strange directions. Watch this as she leans off one edge, one back foot and her tail off the back, taking a bath:


  1. Uh oh,'ll be FIRST in line for the next pawdicure, I'm sure! The vacuum monster was on my list to get out this weekend, but I just didn't work up enough energy to do it...

  2. Falling off the cat-ladder would be something half of mine would do - and the other half wouldn't try using it. Despite this, I think it is a marvelous piece of furniture.

  3. MOL ! What a fun way to have a bath ! Purrs

  4. thiz moovee getted 984 paws UP !!!

    N happee bee lated two ewe ivy; R commint dinna post; itz floatin
    out in cyberspace we guess.....hope yur day waz a grate one !!♥♥

  5. What's up with mom's not being around? There should be a law about that.

  6. We give that a ten Chanel! You'd make a pawsome gymnast. :)

    Glad to hear the mom bean was might have to sit on her to keep her there.


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