Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Meow Meetup

Mom left us last weekend and took off for Chicago to hang with her cat lady friends and attend her first cat convention. It was a lot of fun for her. There were famous cats (most of whom she had never heard of except for our friend Summer), kitty yoga (mom didn't try that), a cat cafe, adoptable cats, workshops, speakers and lots of stuff to BUY!!!

mom bought herself these cute earrings that
have whiskers in them from

She found this cute magnet to send to
Cupcake's dad

Steve Dale gave a talk about Fear Free in your home and vet office

Mom also found this cute print from Leeza Works
that she got to put on our wall of cat prints and stuff
to represent Goldfish

The best part was hanging with friends and doing cat stuff. Mom certainly recommends going if you can next year.


  1. I must say, those earrings ROCK! And you are correct; I too didn't know any of the other celebrity kitties, except for Summer, but it was fun getting to know them. I enjoyed hanging with you too, and hope to do it again some day!

  2. Meow Meetup was great! Excellent speakers and a wonderful time hanging around with the cat lady tribe

  3. I'd love to have been there and seeing the earrings with whiskers just really is sweet.

  4. You got to do all sorts of fun stuff that my human WANTED to do but couldn't because she was either at her booth or managing me! MOL!

  5. We hope you had a wonderful time at the Meow Meetup. Looks like so much fun stuff to do and we just love the earrings. Thanks for sharing. Have a great day.
    World of Animals

  6. guyz.....18 centz anda sack oh friez ewe guezz rite off which iz R fave !! ☺☺♥♥

  7. The mom said it really was a fun time!

  8. That sounds like so much fun. We love Chicago ... maybe we will get to join you all next year. :)

    1. that would be so much fun!! mom would love to see you both

  9. I'd love to go some time, but that doesn't seem likely...


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