Wednesday, March 6, 2019

feeding toy

We were asked if we wanted to try a new food puzzle called Pipolino and decided to see what would happen. We received a medium sized one which was larger than mom was expecting. It is heavier than you would think and mom is making this an "only when she is home" toy to avoid someone crashing it down the steps.

**we got this puzzle free of charge for our review. receiving the puzzle did not influence our review. all opinions expressed here are our own

The one end unscrews to fill and then the inner part rotates 
to open the holes to different sizes

since we have never used one of these before, 
mom filled it with treats for the first run
as you can see, everyone was pretty interested 
(ok - except Ivy who just is not food motivated)

trying to figure out how it works.....

Interestingly enough, Chanel was the first to get anything out of it. While we would love to say she outsmarted it, we think it may have been more accidental. She kept trying to stick her head under the puzzle, it would roll out of the way, treats would come out, and repeat.... She did keep trying to stick her paws underneath it as well - not sure what technique that would be.

Mom has since put some regular food in it and while that will never be as interesting as treats, it did keep our attention. All in all, we call it a success.

Obviously this would only work with dry food, but if you have a cat (or dog) that eats really fast, this is a great way to slow them down and keep them busy. Chanel was entertained for quite a while.


  1. That does look interesting. We might have to try that. You all have a super day.

  2. that does look like an interesting toy, I think for dog treats the holes don't look quite large enough but I think for cat treats offering the option of being able to change the sizes is just great! I am assuming it is made out of BPA free plastic?

  3. I could probably help you break that thing apart and get the treats or food out faster! Let me know if you'd like me to come over.
    Yours sincerely,
    Margaret Thatcher

  4. I can't see mine being interested in this, but it may be worth a try nonetheless.

  5. The PO'M would rastle that toy to within an inch of it's life!

  6. Not sure if something that large would engage me...dunno.

  7. Oh, we like this! And for some reason, Mom said she could hear the sound of that puzzle crashing down the stairs in the middle of the night. MOL!

  8. How fun! Most of the treats and food we eat, sadly, don't lend themselves to these feeder contraptions.

  9. The pipolino has been well known here for years, but since we don't eat dry, we only use it for fun with treats. Purrs

  10. Fun! Chanel is thinking "outside the box". MOL!

  11. Way to go, Chanel! We're not sure our cats are food-motivated enough to go for that. But some of the shelter cats are! :)

  12. I like that you can change the size of the holes for different size treats. I would put in the Instinct Raw cat food as a treat. They are healthy and don't crumble as easy as Stella and Chewy's.

  13. An interesting toy and I'm glad the kitties enjoy it, but I'm with Ivy. For me, I weigh the effort vs. the reward and I guess I'm just too lazy!! - Tom x


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