Wednesday, February 20, 2019


We got snow last night. Since mom's office was opening late due to bad roads, she brought some inside for us to check out.
 Ivy was skeptical. She sniffed it and went back to sleeping on her bed over the vent.

 Chanel was pretty interested. Daiquiri sniffed it a few times then wandered off.

 Goldfish was convinced to come check it out. She was probably the most interested.


  1. Brrr...we have lots of snow outside but we'd rather mom bean keep it outside. Enjoy efurrybody, and stay safe and warm.

  2. Have never, EVER thought about bringing some snow inside for the cats to investigate!

  3. What does it taste like, girls?

    We don't get that white stuff here at all. The closest we get is when the refrigerator ice dispenser coughs out a random ice cube.

    1. see - now THAT would be a trick that Chanel would be ALL over :)

  4. I would have been disappointed. It smells a lot like hard water...

  5. guyz...bak in de day when it waz just me; de FSG bringed in sum snow N eye toll her ....put a trout on thiz N we will be best palz....

    tuna of moon ~ ☺☺♥♥

  6. That white stuff is cold, kitties! don't stick your nosies in it!

  7. White wet stuff, yuck ! It's funny when it's in a small bowl, but it's not funny in the garden, believe me ! Purrs, Pixie

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  9. Looks like they thought it was going to be something yummy. At least they gave it a try. You all have a fantastic day.


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