Monday, January 21, 2019

fun event

There is Gem City Catfe in a city about 90 minutes from where we live. They announced last fall that the Kitten Lady would be coming in and giving a talk about TNR.

Four ladies from the rescue were going to go together. However the weather was supposed to get bad and mom and one other lady ended up being the only ones that went. They had a reservation at the cafe before the talk.

If you look close, this climber is shaped like a plane as Dayton
is the home of the Wright brothers.

cute display of each cat with their names

The cafe is divided in half with the cafe in one part and then the cats in their own section. The cat section has two levels and lots of places to hide or just hang out. They do give instructions when you first go in about letting the cats come to you and respecting their space. There are places to sit and toys available to play. Like most cafes, there is a cost to visit, but Gem City is $10 for an hour so it is really reasonable and remember that the cost helps the cats.

After hanging with the cats, mom and her friend headed over to the another building for the TNR talk. Hannah Shaw markets herself as the Kitten Lady and started out mainly working with neo-natal kittens from shelters. She has started doing more TNR and talks about community cats - she made the point that TNR will reduce cats in shelters as part of the population of "unadoptable" cats in shelters are ferals/community cats and then tiny kittens that need so much foster support that some shelter cannot provide. It really is a cycle.....spay and neuter those community cats, reduce the number of kittens in shelters. Mom admits that she didn't learn much as she has been involved in TNR for a while. was interesting to look around the crowd and see the different types of people that were learning how important this is in our communities. There were a lot of kids and we love that the next generation of cat rescuers are getting out and learning and advocating.


  1. She seems lovely and knows her stuff. But we have conversations around here about how does she look so good and put together while looking after bottle feeders? We all have giant bags under our eyes and are covered in formula and poop. LOL. She's coming to Toronto next summer; hope to get a chance to see her.

  2. There wasn't a cat cafe in Dayton the last time I was there, so obviously, I must stop there soon! Any light shown on the benefits of TNR...and the fact that anyone can do the plight of kittens in the rescue system has got to be a good thing. One of our local TNR rescuers also looks beautiful all of the time, even though I know she's out there in the fields, setting traps and feeding feral colonies...guess some have a gift for it. Not I! LOL!

  3. Wow, that cat cafe looks/sounds pretty cool. We love the plane-shaped climber!

    It's also good that there were kids learning about TNR.

  4. They have some really awesome cat furniture. The airplane-shaped climber is amazing! Is the tree in front of the glass-paned door actually attached to the door, or is it freestanding?

  5. That sounds like an awesome event! I'm glad there were lots of kids there.

  6. Dat cat cafe looks cool! And it's pawsome more people were learning about TNR.

  7. That sure does sound like a great event. I really like the idea of getting the word out about helping community cats. Hope some of the people will heed the advice.

  8. Knowledge is the key; even simple awareness is lacking in many cases. It sounds like a worthy event.

    I had not coinsidered cat-cafes having an 'entrance fee' (cover charge?), but it makes sense. I'd be willing to pay it, and it goes to help the cats, as you wrote. Do all cat-cafes have a similar charge?

    I like how that one cat-tree is shaped like the Wright brothers' historic aeroplane.

  9. This reminds me, we had a cat cafe open up here in my city last year. I must visit! Though I cannot come home with a cat.

    It is great that TNR is becoming more widely known, there are a couple of rescues here that are doing this.

  10. I think it's great that Kitten Lady is reaching that younger generation!

  11. I love how they displayed the photos! Very creative!


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