Monday, October 15, 2018

the cliff hanger

Friday we left with you a teaser....

Our plan last week was to have Saporro and Kilkenny neutered (that happened) and then go up to the adoption center. That part didn't happen. Mom checked everyone on Friday afternoon and Kilkenny's one eye was weepy and red. Which means everyone probably has been exposed to something - if the boys went up to the adoption center, they would be back pretty quickly due to illness. Better to keep them here and have them get over it.

However, rather than leave Peroni and Marzen by themselves, mom was talking to another set of volunteers and they talked about mom taking their bottle baby. They got a call over a month ago to get a tiny kitten in danger. They took him and he is now about 5 weeks old. Like most bottle babies, he now needs to be with other kittens to learn how to "cat". In the meantime, someone brought in a single 5 week old kitten they found in a parking lot. Mom agreed to take both boys.


Balashi (Aruba beer) - our parking lot baby

Guinness - the bottle baby

Guinness has NO capacity to stand still. Unless he is sleeping, he is on the run. He is doing pretty well with the other kittens but LOVES mom as like with most bottle babies, he is very people centered.
Balashi is kind of shy. If you follow us on social media, he was the boy on Friday that was hiding behind the bird house. Fortunately it only took a couple of days for him to come down and hang out with the other kittens. He is ok with being handled (though he was hissy that first day). He is definitely shyer than the other kittens though.

So the plan was to let Goldfish out into the house and then be down to 4 kittens in the kitten room. Of course, no one actually pays any attention to mom's plans, so Goldfish won't come out of the foster room and that has us at 7 kittens in there. Marzen has had a few days of being grumpy about the new comers, but has gotten over himself. Goldfish is being very good with the babies.

Oh....and the couple that raised Guinness sent him to us with his blanket. He likes it....a lot


  1. Lots of squeeing and a big "awwwww" here when I watched the video. What a dear little one. Chumley used to do that on my knitted afghans, even though he was an adult. ♥

  2. Your house sounds like mine.Cats everywhere. So good of you to take care of all of them. Glad Goldfish is doing well. Those little kittens are so cute.

  3. guiness...we gived yur moovee 984 pawz UP !!! N we iz glad ewe N Balashi haza place ta rest relax chillax N call home fora while... ♥♥

  4. Those single kittens need to be with the others to learn! How wonderful that they were discovered, and now have the bestest place to be fostered in.

  5. How adorable is that video of Guinness and his blanket. The purrs are so loud and wonderful to hear. Love the photo of the kitty almost inside the bowl. Hope they learn from the other kitties on how to be a purfect kitty. Thanks for the share. Have a wonderful day.
    World of Animals

  6. You sure have quite the mishmash of kittens in the kitten room right now. If that crowd can't teach a bottle baby to "cat", no kittens can!

  7. Oh my gosh, that blankie video. Adorable!

  8. The new kittens are adorable! Our Saku has a yellow blanket that he still loves (he's now over 10 years old); we won't be surprised if Guinness continues to hang onto his blanket too.

    Maybe Goldfish will be your Uncle Tim, helping take care of the kittens and training them to be cats?

    1. that would only work if she liked ME. :) The point of Uncle Tim was to help socialize kittens to people....Goldfish has made it very clear that people are not on her list of favorite things.

  9. Aw, those newbies are so cute. Guinness is really giving that blanket some love!

  10. As usual, the kittens are adorable. And I love Guiness's love for his blanket.

  11. Oh my gosh!Balashi looks like a baby me!


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