Friday, October 19, 2018

Random Fridays

Hello? Internets peoples? It is I, Guinness. You may kiss the nose.

Saporro would prefer you not kiss him

Marzen would prefer you make some other kittens disappear

Goldfish just sits and judges

Mom had to laugh the other night. Daiquiri was chasing one of her favorite spring toys up and down the hall in a lively game of fetch. Chanel of course had to "help" and the toy disappeared. As mom watched, Chanel sat on the floor, shifting her weight back and forth, licking a back foot and looking generally uncomfortable. Just as mom was about to get up to check her out, Chanel stood up and....revealed she had been sitting on the spring. 


  1. That is pretty funny, Chanel sitting on the spring. Smart girl, she had that spring all to herself. The kittens look mighty good.

  2. HA! Way to go, Chanel!
    Our mom would LOVE to kiss Guinness' tiny nose!!
    Yours sincerely,
    Margaret Thatcher

  3. Guinness, I'll kiss that nose and boop it, too!

  4. That Chanel; living life, while listening to the beat of another drummer!

  5. Our mom bean would definitely kiss your nose Guinness...over and over and over again. You'd get sick of it.

    Chanel, you're hilarious. Was Daiquiri upset with you for "losing" her toy?

  6. I wonder if Chanel knew she was on the spring and was just trying to ignore it, or whether she thought something was wrong with her behind.


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