Monday, September 24, 2018

weekend and kitten report

Ivy, Chanel and Daiquiri
 The girls and Junior spent the weekend lazing around the house. The heat broke Friday night and it was in the 60s (F) here over the weekend. Lovely sleeping weather for us and for mom.

Mom and Chanel got a chance to go out Saturday and met up with an online friend who also fosters Fellmeth's Fosters. Miss L and Mr C were on vacation in our area. Everyone met up for coffee and a quick tour of the rescue's facility. (you always know great rescue people when they are excited to see other rescue set ups)

Kilkenny and Sapporo
*you gotta watch that tuxedo guy - he's a little food possessive

*mom needs to remember to get her picture with an "object" for size

Marzen and Kilkenny
*mom saw this from the kitchen. 
they are just ridiculously cute

Thanks for the condolences last week. It was hard for us and other fosters we know, including Miss Connie and some others from Instagram, that had some losses last week too, so it was hard all around.

Fortunately, the four other kittens and Goldfish are doing well. Peroni is still tiny but everyone is eating really well and gaining weight. In fact, they have gone through a case of small cans in about 6 days. Yikes!! But mom says she will get more food if it means they gain weight and get better.

Marzen, Peroni and Sapporo are all very friendly. Kilkenny is a little shy but doing better. Mom has been able to touch Goldfish a couple of times but she is still very skittish.


  1. Having trouble keeping enough food in the house is the *best* problem. ;-) That little Peroni is the sweetest!!

  2. That is such a great picture of Marzen and Kilkenny. Glad they are doing so well. Hope that Goldfish comes around soon. Have a good day.

  3. Getting groceries into the babies is an important task! Around here, The Hubby buys the food, and I have to stack the cans, and make sure the oldest dates are moved forward.

  4. I'm sorry I have been out of it visiting blogs.. you know my heart goes out to you

  5. Oh, we are so sorry. Run fast and free, sweet angels.

  6. We’re glad the kittens are doing well...eating and gaining weight! Keep it up!

  7. I’m glad everyone’s doing well, and eating well too. I’m sure it’s also a relief. ❤️

  8. I am SO glad everyone is eating well and growing! That is the best feeling when they thrive so well and are happy. XX


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