Thursday, July 5, 2018


Chive and Chicory

they do enjoy climbing that cabinet and sitting by the birdhouse
(which is now stuck to the cabinet so it doesn't move around)

They were supposed to go for spay/neuter today. However....knowing this particular clinic, there is no way they were going to "pass" with their noses like they are. So we gave the spots back to the rescue and the kittens will go in another couple of weeks. Besides, mom was pretty sure Clove wouldn't have hit the 2 pound mark yet either (there is one in every crowd). They are doing better, but this clinic seems to look for any excuse to kitten rescue cats off the surgery list. We only hope they don't do it to the general public who may not come back.


  1. They really are getting bigger now.Too bad they have to wait but guess better safe than sorry.Hope they get all better soon.

  2. Well, I'm on the fence about how overly strict that clinic is. For the vast majority, they may be pushing the envelope too far, but I also know someone whose cat was sick when neutered, and the poor thing passed a few days later. So, I dunno...

    1. we don't mind that they are strict to some extent, but there have been times when they go "nope won't do it" and the kitten is SO not sick. mom went round with one of their "shiny new vets" the one's just frustrating

  3. I'm on the fence too. That's a hard one. Too many variables.

  4. Paws crossed everyone is good to go for their speuters in a couple of weeks!

  5. hay ewe wee onez......bee... thanx full... two day......just sayin ;) ask de older crew why ~~~~~ ;)

    oh, N we gotta haza "talk" bout that...houz ~~~~ ☺☺♥♥

  6. They are so adorable! And we hope that policy doesn't make people not spay or neuter!

  7. Cute pics! Here's hoping they are all better and bigger the next time around!

    The Chans

  8. I'm with everyone else. I understand the caution and the no when the animal isn't fully healthy, but I, too, hope they're not turning the general public away. I wish it was feasible to have kittens a bit bigger before spaying/neutering, but that's for an ideal world.... Anyway, thanks for stopping by and keep as cool as possible.

  9. I guess better safe than sorry, but as you said, I hope they don't turn away the general public. It could only add to the unwanted litters.

    They certainly do spay and neuter much younger there than here in Saskatchewan. The kittens must be 6 months old (or about since the birth date is often unknown). I lied a teeny tiny bit with Sheldon, he was probably about 5 1/2 months old and such a wild child I was hoping the neutering would chill him out a bit. Ha!

    The kittens are simply adorable!


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