Tuesday, June 19, 2018

we got treats [sponsored post]

This month from Chewy.com we got Only Natural Pet Wild Caught Salmon treats. And that is all there is....salmon, nothing added. We don't get much fish around here but mom figured this would be good for a treat once in a while.

Daiquiri seemed pretty interested.

Junior ran in, grabbed a treat and took off down the hall. Mom can only hope he actually ate it. MOL Ivy of course sniffed everything and decided she wasn't eating those. Chanel gave them a good sniff but didn't actually try one. The ones that mom put out were in pretty good sized chunks, so mom is going to try another time and break them into smaller pieces that might entice Chanel.

Daiquiri on the other paw found them awesome. She ate 3 and came over to mom looking for more.

We don't have many freeze dried treats here either, so mom wonders if maybe adding a little water and letting them get soft would make a difference to certain cats as well.

However, they don't have any added ingredients and at least Daiquiri liked them....which as far as she is concerned means more treats for her!!

Disclosure: We received this product free to try out in exchange for our honest review. This did not influence our opinions at all. We will always give our fair and honest opinion of products and we will only share information that we feel is relevant to our readers. Chewy.com and Only Natural Pets are not responsible for the contents of this post and the opinions expressed are based on product testing by us.


  1. Well at least on kitty liked the treats. That is about the way things go around here. Have a great day.

  2. now I'm curious what would happen if you added a little water to them.. I use them to medicate and I add a drop of liquid medication to them and they hold up, but I've never tried straight water.

  3. We had mixed responses to freeze-dried treats; the inside cats didn't like 'em, but The 'O' Cats ate with gusto! Thanks for the review, Daiquiri...LOL!

  4. I bet I would love these! I have the rabbit (which I got at BlogPaws), and they are okay but not my favorite.

  5. Mine aren't so excited about freeze-dried either. I wonder if they lack the kind of smell to get a cat's attention. Glad Daiquiri was a taker!

  6. Sounds like Daquiri got herself a bunch of treats. :)

  7. Sounds like Daiquiri got quite the snack! MOL!

    We laughed at Junior grabbing one and running down the hall. :)

  8. Just salmon...sounds good to the kitties over here!


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