Thursday, June 21, 2018

just add water

Miss Connie made the comment about "what WOULD happen if you add water?"
So we decided to try it. Turns out you get salmon water along with moist salmon treats.

And still really no more takers than the first time. Junior had one....Daiquiri got the rest. To be honest, she was WAY more interested in the water on the plate after they had soaked for a couple of minutes.

The treats did moisten up some, but weren't flaky like canned cat food though.


  1. Too bad the water didn't work. Guess they just aren't tasty enough. Have a great day.

  2. Isn't it neat that we all can learn new things everyday about our cats and their environment and food?

  3. at the very least you can't say not to do it. Too bad you didn't get more takers

  4. We like the freeze dried just fine unmoistened, so we've never tried this.

  5. salmon waterz !!!! SALMON WATERZ !!!!!!!! now yur talkin best drink at de pub ;)



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