Tuesday, April 10, 2018

food review

We got this product from Chewy.com for free for our review. Getting the product does not affect our thoughts or opinions. All opinions in this post are our own.

This month mom decided to review the Weruva "Cats in the Kitchen" variety pack. Mom likes to have different things in the foster room cupboard just in case we have kittens or a momma cat that decide they only like certain things. 

When mom went into the foster kitten room, this is what she found:

Mom sat on the floor and opened the pouch of food. She will say this - the pouches are nice for storage but they are danged hard to get everything OUT of the pouch. 

Anyhow, she put the dish on the tray where the other food and water dish are located. And got....nothing. Hmmmm

So mom moved it a little closer to where Delphi was laying. It took about 15 seconds....Delphi's nose twitched and she was out of there. Kittens be darned - it was dinner time!!
Delphi gives this 2 paws up. The bowl was licked clean....

The nice part is this is a variety pack, so there are different things mom can try if Delphi decides she doesn't like a certain flavor. Two of them do have pumpkin added so those may be at the end of the list of things mom gives Delphi.

Thanks to Chewy and Weruva for the food - Delphi is feeding a growing family and certain appreciates the gooshy stuff!!

gratuitous kitten picture


  1. So glad you did this review. We are going to check out that food over at Chewy. Glad the Momma kitty liked the food. You all have a great day.

  2. Cats in the Kitchen (and BFF) pouches are VERY popular around here. I always keep some around for reluctant eaters; they rarely fail. But you are SO right about getting the food out of the pouch. And if you don't use the whole pouch it's a real pain! You need some kind of magical clip to keep it closed so it doesn't leak all over the fridge or dry out!

  3. Tots all snuggled together are the cutest darn things. And Delphi, you absolutely need to keep your strength up!

  4. Gotta keep the milk bar open for as long as possible!

  5. We always have those here as our before bedtime snack, we all split 2 pouches. We don't like a couple of them but most of them we do like!

  6. We like these foods too, but we totally agree about the pouches. That’s why the mom won’t buy them very often for us.

  7. We love Weruva, but for some reason some silly kitties here don't know how to eat any kind of chunky food. They will slurp the gravy but will lick the morsels instead of munching, so very frustrating to watch them eat this. They think everything should be paté MOL

    Funnily, the only ones who eat these properly is my ailing 17 year old, loves the stuff!

  8. What a great idea! We didn't know they had variety packs! We've tried other packages of food like this and we agree, it is hard to get all the food out! Looks yummy!


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