Thursday, February 1, 2018

Art of Paws [product review]

We were contacted a couple of weeks or so ago by a company called Art of Paws that makes cat stuff. Right now they have a scratching post, a shelf and a heated bed. They asked if we would like to try out the heated bed. Mom thought with some of us getting a little older plus kittens in the spring, this might be an ideal add to our cat collection.

**disclaimer: we got the heated bed for no cost in return for our review. receiving the bed in no way influenced our review and all opinions expressed here are our own.

Mom did like that the cord comes wrapped in a very sturdy plastic that will keep cat kitten teeth from chewing on it. The cover to the bed comes off and is machine washable. And the cord is actually in two parts so you can replace part of it is necessary. Very nifty.

It took a few minutes to warm up (plus there is a light on the switch so you know if it is on or not). Mom had originally thought this would be ideal for Spud as he is having some issues and is getting thin along with sleeping on the floor vents for warmth. He sniffed it once and walked away.

That said, our youngest contestant thinks this bed is AWESOME!!! Junior would be next in line for being a huge fan. Fortunately those two like each other, so they can be seen sharing it from time to time.

Daiquiri even discovered it and gives her approval. 

Mom hasn't seen Ivy go anywhere near it, so not sure what she thinks.

Mom wanted to check the heat and when she pressed her hand into it, it felt just above her skin temperature. So it doesn't get excessively warm. There is no automatic off or timer, so mom does need to remember to turn if off when she isn't home (safety first) but she doesn't think it gets so warm that she worries about someone here sleeping on it for long periods of time.

Art of Paws is a UK company and you can see on their website that they have 4 resident felines more than willing to give their opinions on any product before it is sold. You can order right from their website as well.

We would like to thank Art of Paws for thinking of us and letting us review the heated bed. We give it the official HIGH PAW of approval!!


  1. There are a bunch of kitties here that would love that heated bed.Especially the ones that stay on the front porch.Thanks for that great review.Have a super day.

  2. Sounds like a pretty good bed! Looks comfy, too!

  3. Looks like a company that knows their business! We aren't in the need for any of their products right now, but will keep their info on hand...Da Boyz are pretty hard on everything, and who knows what will need to be replaced soon.

  4. Spud may grow to like it in time. It does sound good, though I would prefer one with sides. Mine like to curl up in the heated beds we have. That written, I expect they would like these regardless.

  5. This bed sounds awesome for you colder climate kitties!

  6. Daiquiri, you sure make that look comfy! Great review!
    Yours sincerely,
    Margaret Thatcher

  7. I think Skippy has spent the most time on ours.. it really is a huge hit


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