Tuesday, July 18, 2017


Chanel ended up not going to the adoption center this weekend. She has a mild runny eye and mom was afraid she would just end up back at the house so mom is going to give her a couple more days.

Harlow's eyes are looking a little better but she has now given her cooties to Rooney, so mom is dealing with keeping him cleaned up and medicated too. This crews seems determined to give mom a run for her money.

Mom did manage to get the new collars on the kittens this weekend. They are still a little big, but they are break away collars and don't slip over their heads, so mom is leaving them on for now. She was SURE there were safety pins somewhere in the house but can't find them to use to shorten the collars a little more. No doubt the ones we have will turn up about the time mom finally manages to remember to buy some (along with that light bulb she has been meaning to buy for the last week).
5 of 6
Bogart is off somewhere
showing off their new collars: Rooney with the dots, Chanel in the background (no collar),
Flynn in green, Bacall with the red hearts and Harlow in front (she was last to get hers)


track ball - still the best toy ever


Miss Harlow - we think you might be doing it wrong

This crew is super lovey. If we can get them healthy, they will be ready to go. Flynn though is a shoulder rider - the minute mom sits down he RUNS across the room and LAUCHES himself at her like a missile. (he may need a warning label)


  1. What a bunch of good looking tuxedos. Love that last picture. True concentration. Have a good day and hope all kittens get better soon.

  2. Great photos of these cuties. Love the one of Rooney and the toy.

  3. Flynn sounds like he is so much fun. Everybody looks spectacular in their collars. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Lisbeth, Astrid, Calista Jo and Cooper Murphy

  4. My Emilio may need to come with a warning too, not for that reason though! I call him my bed weasel.

  5. I hope these guys get well very soon - it sounds like they will be snatched up quickly!

  6. Now I have an image in my head of a label sticking out from Flynn's back leg, like on a stuffed toy! "WARNING! Beware of unexpected launches at your noggin!"

  7. You make a great argument for this being the year of the black and white cat ;)

  8. hay ewe wee onez...heerz hopin everee one getz 1000000 purrcent better soooper quik...stand up two de cooteez N show em that tuxie tood ~~~~ ♥♥

  9. They are all so insanely cute! Our mom is in love with Bogart. Sigh. SO adorable!!!!

  10. We're purring that these guys are healthy soon so they can find their furever homes.

  11. Our mom would love to have a crew of Tuxedos. I say she should have a crew of Tabbies! Hmmppphhhh!. We hope all these cuties find their forever homes soon.

  12. the collars are adorable :) they'll grow into them in a matter of a blink of an eye so I'm sure they are fine


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