Tuesday, January 17, 2017

treat review #ChewyInfluencer

This month mom said we could try some treats. These are from Weruva and all all chick-hen. That's it - nothing else. Woohoo!!!

Daiquiri would like mom to hurry the heck up and get the container open. And honestly, that would be mom's only complaint...that container was IMPOSSIBLE to get open. She ended up spending a few minutes prying it off with a kitchen knife and put them in a different container. She likes the idea of the canister, but that lid was WAY too tight....

Tommy almost took off one of mom's fingers

Dandelion gets in on the act

Cassis wasn't sure what it was. She sniffed it a few times....

Then knocked it on the floor and chased it around. Before she could eat it, Mo grabbed it and it was gone. Mom put Cassis up on her chair and gave her another piece - which she also played with....until it hit the floor and Daiquiri ate it. Poor baby....  MOL

Ivy never showed up for treat time for this one....so that means we give it 6 paws up. Ivy didn't try and Cass never got a chance.

Editors note: Thanks to Chewy.com for giving us these treats free of charge for our opinion. Every opinion given here is our own regardless of the product. We are a member of the Chewy Influencer Blogger Group but that does not affect our honest opinions.


  1. Hey, Cassi thought it was an excellent toy! That totally counts, doesn't it?

  2. Those sound like great treats. Two Two will bat treats and food around for hours.

    1. Cassis probably would have except for the hoover cats that live here :)

  3. We purchased the Whitefish treats awhile ago, and they've been a complete bust around here. I too struggled with the lid! Will try them out on The 'O' Cats, but I may have to soak them in water or tuna juice.

  4. we had the same issue with the top, and you should have heard Jack complain

  5. All chicken sounds good to me! (That picture of Daiquiri looks so much like my Dexter.)

  6. Yum! Those look tasty! I wonder about the packaging though.

  7. These are some of our favorite treats.

  8. Ooooo! Yummy!
    Have a great week...

    Noodle and crew


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