Thursday, February 11, 2016

National Spay Neuter Month

Just in time for the impending kitten season, we want to talk about National Spay Neuter Month.

the snack kittens from March 2013

Did you know that since we started fostering, we have had 245 mom cats and kittens come through this house?? Pretty amazing....

Did you know that mom says as much as she loves fostering kittens (no matter how hard it can be sometimes), we would love to be put out of business? Too many companion animals lose their lives in shelters every year due to lack of space and available homes. This isn't the fault of shelters....this, at least as far as we are concerned, is due to people not being responsible and getting their pets spayed or neutered.

We've heard it all:
  • it's too expensive - search "low cost spay neuter" for your city and see what comes back
  • my pet doesn't go outside - until the one time they do and either come back pregnant or get another loose animal pregnant.
  • my kids should see the "miracle of birth" - birth is messy...if they want to see it check you tube
  • I can find homes for these kittens/puppies - ok, what about the ones currently sitting in a shelter that need homes too
And on and on..... but honestly, there is no excuse. Altered pets live longer healthier lives. They are less likely to stray and get into fights.

Best Friends started their Fix at Four campaign to help raise awareness. And many communities now have outreach programs like the Lucy Pet Foundation in LA that help by bringing surgical buses into communities that need help. And we talk all the time about TNR and the benefits to ferals.

So help us spread the word....fix'em - for the benefit of all of us.


  1. We agree, there is no excuse. Spay and neuter your pet benefits everyone. Purrs

  2. 'Good' excuses listed there. I like the 'miracle of birth' one. After that day, then what? The miracle of trying to find homes for cats and dogs in an over-crowded cat and dog world. It essentially comes down to being lazy or not wanting to spend the money. And if you don't have the money to take care of a pet, you shouldn't have one. It's harsh to write, but true.

    1. it is very true....we have the urge sometimes to people that they aren't qualified to care for a life

  3. Oh, heck yeah! And, saying that it's too expensive doesn't hold up anymore due to the large amount of low-cost spay-and-neuter clinics OR waivers available at veterinary offices. Sometimes, I think people with low funds are EMBARRASSED to ask for assistance, which I understand but step up and ask; there are so many more programs available now! Do the right thing; fix your animal!

  4. Excellent post. I wish there were more people like you in the world, if there were, there would be a lot less cats in need.

  5. Spay and Neuter is so important. If only we could get everyone to do it. At the moment, I live in a neighborhood where the people can't be bothered to do it. And so I have way too many cats but such is life. Great post.

  6. being put out of business, my greatest hope and joy, and my worst nightmare

  7. You are SO right - there is no excuse to avoid spaying or neutering. I'm surprised this is still an issue.

  8. guys...245 catz iz total lee mega sooper kewl awesum ( in that yur mom haz cared for that manee...high paws two her & az manee head bonx } ♥♥♥ de food servizz gurl toll de peepulz down at de shelterz heer, we hope that sum day they iz all lookin for werk; { but like find it at may bee de vetz office ore sum thin....ya noe ♥♥♥ }

  9. this is such a great post! you are so wonderful for caring for these little ones all this time!

  10. We agree 1000% (even though our dad says that's not mathematically possible). :-)

  11. We couldn't agree with you more. There are no excuses for not spaying/neutering your pet.

  12. Unless you want to show cats our vets always spay/neuter them which is not too much to pay to save them from a life of tom cats screeching and trying to mate with them. My cats like to go outside and sniff the air and climb fences and enjoy themselves. Fortunately everyone in our neighbourhood has their cats "looked after" and so there are no problems.

  13. We totally agree!!! We can't believe how ignorant and/or stubborn some people can be about this!


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