Monday, January 25, 2016

weekend report

Nothing exciting here this weekend....

Mom checked on Lyon on Saturday. He didn't have any applications yet but he was relaxed and happy when mom got him out.
 Before Lyon left, he discovered basketball on TV

 Nashville is hanging around here for a little bit. He is a bit sneezy and needs to get over that before he can be adopted.

He did give mom a scare over the weekend. Mom ran out Saturday morning to get groceries. When she got home, the door from the house into the garage was open. Mom slammed the inside door and ran upstairs. We were all there but Nashville was no where to be found.

Mom shook the treat container....nothing.

She looked all over and under and everything. No Nashville.

She had to run out so she set the live trap in the garage hoping that he was close and would come back in when it was quiet. She knew she would have to talk to the rescue at some point but wanted to hold off for the moment.

Mom got back after a couple of hours. She got upstairs and still no kitten. Now she is beginning to panic.....Nashville isn't very brave. And then....
He popped out from behind the sofa. Mom had looked there....must be some weird black hole back there to hide kittens. At least it didn't last more than a couple of hours.... sheesh


  1. Cats have a cloaking device; guess kittens know how to turn it on too! Couldn't tell you the hundreds of times we've looked through the house, with a cat nowhere to be found, then suddenly that missing cat shows up sauntering down the hall. No other explanation, unless they slip into another dimension...Glad Nashville chose to make his appearance, and I know that feeling of panic oh so well.

  2. Cats find the most clever spots to hide. Carmine has given me quite the scare a time or two, too. I'm glad Nashville was safe and sound behind the couch and that he revealed himself!

  3. That Nashville! My human wonders if kitties don't do that on purpose sometimes.

  4. What a terrible feeling. I've suffered it once in a while. And it's quite true, cats will pop out from the last place you searched closely. How they do it, I don't know.

  5. Sounds like a wild weekend. We have the snow so you are not missing anything.

  6. Oh, that's a scary feeling when you think an indoor kitty went outside! We're so happy Nashville was inside and safe.

  7. Oh dear! I've had the heart attack from a disappeared kitty, too. And then the cat pops out from some alternate dimension all nonchalant-like: Was there a problem? So glad he was found!
    —Purrs (and wags) from Life with Dogs and Cats

  8. There is absolutely nothing worse than not being able to find a kitten!!! Naughty Nashville!

    The Chans

  9. WHEW! Oh, Nashville! That's scary!!!

  10. Oh Nashville! That was kinda sneaky of you. :). We bet Lyon is adopted in no time.

  11. Awe, little Lyon watching TV is so cute! No more hiding and scaring mom, Nashville!

  12. Not only do they know the best hiding places, they also know the exact amount of time to hide - they come out just when the nerves are so purrfectly frazzled.


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