Tuesday, December 8, 2015

French city kittens

As you can see, the kittens have been out playing when mom is home to supervise. They spent most of Sunday in the back bedroom where the cat stuff is located and occasionally coming out to the living room. Calais (the tortie) is fairly brave while the black kittens are still a little skittish. They have discovered toys and the older cats and Acorn. Mom has to keep an eye on Acorn with the kittens since she is bigger and it doesn't appear she really knows quite what to do with them yet....  MOL (no Acorn, they are not cat toys)

They have had their first vaccines and tested negative. They do have one goopy eye each and mom is treating that....they don't like it much but they put up with it. Mom did say that manicures are going to have to happen since she got scratched the other day.  :)


  1. Have a beautiful day like this post!

  2. Nobody likes goopy eyes or the treatment to make them better! Wish I could loan The Hubby to you; he's a whiz at cutting kitty nails! A process he started when ours were wee babes, and eleven years later, they take it in stride (with only a little bit of yowling and wriggling involved!)

    1. oh mom can do it no problem....it is just the "getting it done" part....she tends to not think about it until there is bloodshed MOL

  3. MOL, Acorn! I wonder how Carmine and Milita would react to kittens. I hope their little eyes get better soon - goopy eyes are no fun.

  4. hay ewe wee ones...havin yur nailz trimmed iz knot sew bad...think oh it az.......


    never mind ~~~~~ ♥♥♥

  5. MOL - well manicures are the thing these days, we hear. We've been informed it's time for us to have ours too.

  6. They're so cute. We're glad they're doing okay despite a goopy eye.

  7. Glad the little Frenchies are doing well. Fingers crossed on the goopy eyes.

    The Chans


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