Wednesday, December 30, 2015

2015 Year in Review (Part 1)

The end of every year we have taken a look back at what has gone on here. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do. Sometimes we get caught up so much in the day to day routine that we forget the things that have happened.....

adoptions galore - Kahlua and Mae West and Cassidy (surrogate mom to the alcohol kittens, including Daiquiri)
Mae West sure was a chatty girl

The Lucy Pet Foundation reached out to bloggers to help spread the word about spay/neuter.
We got our new cat ladder and mom got it set up.
Mom got to meet D'Art who lives at the Dublin Art Center here in our home town.

Mom watched the kitten bowl (and so did Daiquiri) and Daiquiri got to see her first snowfall.

We got our first litter of kittens for the year - Strawberry and her kittens Fanta, Faygo and Rootbeer. (the soda kittens)

We got an update on the orange kittens (Tangerine and Clementine).
The soda kittens continued to get bigger.
The mom posted about sometimes getting what you need rather than what you thought you wanted.

The soda kittens got their first taste of freedom.
We discussed what we would do if we had thumbs
The soda kittens decided freedom was pretty awesome.
Mom took some of treats for a review at the shelter.

It was time for the soda kittens to get fixed, or so we thought.
that Rootbeer lurved his momma

And Rootbeer and Faygo both got adopted!!

Mom trapped an older kitty that had been running our neighborhood and posted about her thoughts about strays and TNR.

Fanta got adopted (and the story was pretty funny)

The Fiesta kittens and their mom Margarita arrived:

We Blogged the Change about transports
The fiesta kittens had their eyeballs pop open and continued to get bigger (and bigger).

The fiesta kittens turned a month old.
Mom put a Great Dane in the Beetle.
We did an Allie (our feral) update.

The cute was seriously strong with this group:
yes, that is Tostada

The kittens all weighed in at over a pound.
We posted about a huge adoption event in our area.
6 week old fiesta kitten update
A wordless Wednesday of our girls.
Then mom headed out to Blog Paws.

BLOG PAWS!!! (part 1 and part 2) Mom took Queso, Salsa and Taquito.

Margarita was spayed and went to a remote adoption location.
Morocco and her kittens joined us.
Mom got the sads when we learned our first bottle baby Bug passed away suddenly.
One of Morocco's kittens ran for the Bridge.
The fiesta kittens were spayed and neutered.

Then mom had to solve the "case of the missing meezer".

The kittens did some serious house trashing:

Queso and Salsa were both adopted (separately). And the heat caused London to melt:

*Be sure to check back tomorrow for part 2!!


  1. What an amazing year! Thank you for all you do to help so many kittens and cats find loving homes.

  2. We sure enjoy the recap of your year. We forgot about so many of the kittens that you helped.

  3. Wow, you've had a busy year with lots of adorable kittens! You are so great for fostering all of these precious fur babies. <3

  4. Which kitten was it that I met at BlogPaws? The one that was so terribly scared of me? That was the first time I realized I had really grown up - he was so much smaller than me!

    1. mom had to go look - that was Salsa :) (the little orange chicken)

  5. That is a lot of stuff happening. And some sweet and adorable pictures.

  6. WOW, you all have had quite a year! We loved your remembering with you ... thanks for the great recap!

  7. And that was just the first half? Wow and WELL DONE everyone!

    Happy New year's Eve.

    The Chans

  8. We sometimes forget how busy a year can be. We often just think that nothing big happened. But with cats, something is always going on. I love that picture of 'melted' London.

  9. London melting just cracked us up!
    What a great first half!
    Yours sincerely,
    Margaret Thatcher


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