Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Tostada needs surgery

Tostada has been back with us for a couple of weeks. Mom noticed right off that the meds didn't seem to be making any difference. So a week ago she took Tostada into the rescue vet. After doing some looking around, the vet decided that it is more than likely a nasopharyngeal polyp. (info from Cornell Vet)

Basically there is a small mass, normally benign, that grows at the back of the throat. It can block breathing and give them a gag type reflex. Mom was gone over the weekend and when she got home Sunday noticed that Tostada was laying in funny positions - trying to get comfortable.

The only solution is surgery. Tostada will go in on Friday and they will sedate her and remove any polyps they find. Hopefully that will resolve any issues and not come back. She will be on meds for a couple of weeks so she will be here for a little while as well.

** from the mom:
Here is where I need to ask a favor. As you know, Tostada is a foster kitten. Like all rescues, Colony Cats runs on donations. And just the day to day expenses are high. Add in unexpected surgery and that just adds to the stress. Come to find out another foster kitten needs the same surgery as well. If you are so inclined, please consider a small donation to help with their surgerys. Just mark "Tostada surgery" on the form. Or if you want, you can contact our vet Health and Harmony and donate direct to the vet bill (614-360-3941). I wasn't sure about asking, but even the price of a cup of coffee helps.

I know I am lucky - I live in an area with low cost spay/neuter clinics. Our rescue vet is great about helping to control costs. But the simple fact is, the humane society here isn't much help - they won't help ferals and kill for space - and any other excuse they can come up with. The other shelter where I volunteer tries to state they are "no kill" but the simple fact is they are VERY limited in the admissions they take. Which leaves small rescues like Colony to step into the void. There are other small rescues that exclusively do TNR. But Mona (the head of the rescue), despite being called names but those who don't know her, has a heart of gold. Which means she will step up to take the hard cases. Look in the windows of some rescues and you see the "perfect" cats for adoption. Look in our windows and you see 3 legged cats, one eyed cats, scared cats and just a few scruffy ones that need time to adjust. We even have a couple of foster homes that are exclusively hospice fosters. But that means our medical costs are higher....even with discounts.

So for Tostada - and every other cat given a chance with Colony they wouldn't get anywhere else around here - we ask for a little support. I know times are tough for everyone. I know not everyone can give....believe me I get it. But for those that can - even just a little - THANK YOU!!!


  1. Tons and tons of purrs and purrayers to Tostada, and to the other foster kitten who needs surgery as well. We made a small donation--we know every bit helps.

    Purrs and peace.

  2. We send tons of purrs to Tostada ! Purrs

  3. I am sending lots of purrs to Tostada for her surgery!

  4. tostada....we wish ewe & de other kitteh ...de veree veree best, N we ask st francis, az all ways, ta watch out for ewe both.... & make sure yur sir jerry goez smooth lee...

  5. What an unexpected development! We'll be purring for a successful surgery for Tostada. She's lucky to have a dedicated rescue who will take such good care of her.

  6. We purr that everything goes well for Tostada.

  7. We is sending our biggest purrs that Tostada's surgery will be a success.

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  8. Made a very small donation. Hope the surgery goes well and Tostada is feeling better really soon.

  9. We sent a little something. Paws crossed the surgery is a big success.

    The Chans


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