Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Adopt a Less Adoptable Week

And it happens to fall during Deaf Pet Awareness Week as well.

We have a couple of great websites for deaf dogs:
          Deaf Dogs Rock
          Dog and His Boy

Our friend Maxwell from A Tonk's Tail is also deaf.

We even have had a deaf kitten here - remember Doc Holiday??

Mom says of course HE didn't know he was different. And of course being young and adorable, he was adopted pretty quickly.

But that isn't true for many pets with special needs - be it deaf, blind, tripawd (see the site for great info on these pets), FIV or FeLV postive or senior pets. While some may take longer to adjust to a new home, the rewards are so great that you might be surprised. In fact, some of our blogger friends have made decisions to very specifically adoption only senior or special needs animals.

So the next time you or a friend or family member are looking for a new pet, keep an open mind. Maybe the cute kitten or puppy isn't the best bet....maybe you can open your home and your heart to a pet that needs you more than you realize. It may be the best decision you ever make.


  1. This is so true and so many very wonderful cats and kittens are waiting to be adopted and become part of a loving family. Our Buddy was older and is a grand blue boy while Mr B has FIV but we love him so. They both add much to our home with love at the top of the list. Thanks for a great message!
    Remember friends! That special needs kitty has special love just for you!

  2. We hope all the kitties and doggies get adopted!
    Have a super Wednesday...

    Noodle and crew

  3. All kitties have something special to offer. I wish more people thought about that, than just about looks.

  4. You make my heart glad...I have said it before and I will repeat it again.

    Thank you for the post.

  5. Thank you for sharing about these awesome adoptables! They have so much to offer, and so much love to give.

  6. That is all so true. It is so rewarding to take care of a cat with a disability and cats can adjust to most things. We have a deaf cat here and he does fine. I do bring him in at night. IF i could take any more, I sure would look for a cat or kitten with a problem. They need homes too.

  7. deaf, blind, three legged, they all want to love and be loved..

  8. Wonderful post! I've often thought I'd love to adopt a special needs pet, but I suspect our shelter tends to hide these special animals away (unless one counts Bruce Almighty). However, at the moment I look at my eat the paste special kitty Saku and think, not yet. He doesn't much like his fur siblings as it is, making bringing another one into the household not an option at the moment. Someday!

  9. This is one of our favorite weeks! We have a post going up tomorrow about it. Thank you for helping to raise awareness for the less-adoptables!
    I don't think I knew that Maxwell was deaf...


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