Saturday, August 15, 2015

check the chip

Microchipping....we've talked about it before. It is SO important. So the AVMA has set up today as:


All of us are microchipped....but it is still important to take a second to get scanned and make sure it comes up. And of COURSE - make sure the chip is registered with the company and you keep your information updated!!!

In just the past 3 weeks, mom has run out for the rescue and picked up cats that have been found by good samaritans....the rescue gets called because the chip ultimately comes back as "owned" by the rescue and the person who adopted didn't register the microchip. The rescue will then go back through our records and attempt to contact the adopter. Here is what happened then:

  Cat #1 - mom got in touch with the adopter, she said she wanted him back but then stopped responding to mom about making arrangements to have him returned. he has since been adopted by a new family.

  Cat #2 - messages were left for the adopters. no response was ever received. she is now looking for a new home.

  Cat #3 - we contacted his owner. he had slipped out and his mom was SO HAPPY to have been contacted and drove right over to get him back. she was told again to be sure to register the chip

And that is just the recent ones. Sadly, sometimes even with registered chips you can't reach people - but how is anyone who rescues supposed to contact you if there is NO chip or the chip isn't registered!!!

It is pretty easy, relatively painless, and most clinics don't charge a lot. Around here, our local Petco stores have vet events once per month and those clinics will microchip as well.

FYI - mom went out to Found.Org and registered all our chips....for free!!  It was easy too.

BlogPaws has a great article as well as our friends from Cats Herd You


  1. This is important stuff, so thanks for sharing! All of us (Gracie, Zoe and Moosey) are chipped, and all the PAWS cats are, too.

  2. Wow, that makes me so sad that the first two people apparently did not even want their cats back. It's a good thing the chip was there with the rescue registered, because the cats at least had a chance to find new homes where, hopefully, the chips will be registered in the new humans' names.

  3. Checking those chips is a good idea and we're glad you brought it up, altho Chopin is the only one who has one. On the other hand, Tinker has a chip, too, but Bridgie says it's on his shoulder 'cause he's so crabby to her :)

  4. We are microchipped, but thank you for reminding you to check the chip regularly ! Purrs

  5. SO very important --- for kit-cats AND us pups!!! Great reminder!
    Yours sincerely,
    Margaret Thatcher

  6. We isn't chipped, but we do have tattoos. Mom bean says that is what the vets do here. We're glad the kitties were found and rescued even thoufh for two of them their furever families weren't so furever after all. Purrs that they find their special homes soon.

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  7. Well, one out of 3...not the best. It makes us sad to think that humans don't want their cats back. :(

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  9. We spent more time sharing this than commenting!! THANK YOU for a good and informative post!! This matters hugely!

  10. Mudpie is the first kitty I've ever adopted that came I'm off to register her with!

  11. When i worked at the vet, we would get lost pets in to be scanned for chips. it was amazing the number of chips that weren't even registered, or had old information. what a waste.


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