Thursday, August 13, 2015

Cat Lady Box

Our friend Miss Dorian started a new company CatLadyBox which is a pretty neat idea. She searches out new and interesting small companies and each month puts together a box with a few cat related items in it - for PEOPLE!!! Of course, you can order a box that includes a couple of items for the cat in the house too. :)  You can order you own box...or a subscription....or as a gift for someone else!! And part of the proceeds will even go back to cat rescue.

The card is lovely on the front - mom says she may frame it.
And on the back it has information about every item in the box.
The card was made by a lady named Lisa 
who sells her work at the etsy show PrintsofHeart 

check it out....we got the box with cat stuff too!!
The white envelope had a nice note and some temporary cattoos

Daiquiri wonders if there is anything for her

Cute ceramic cat pendant

There was a t-shirt in there for mom made exclusively for Cat Lady Box. It has a big MEOW on the front and even a tail on the back. MOL There was also lip balm for mom with CATNIP in it...she hasn't been brave enough to try it yet....something about fear of attacks.

Since this was the "crazy" version, there were treats and a toy in the box for us. The fortune cookie catnip toy is handmade by MisoHandmade and has some premium nip in it. And there were treats from Omega Paw as well - we got the Meowmosa version with salmon and a hint of orange juice. As you can see below, the treats were a hit.

We know there are a lot of subscription boxes out there, but honestly this is the first mom has seen that is for Cat Ladies!! We love that Miss Dorian takes the time to find small places that take the time and effort to put love into their products. We give it 7 paws up....and recommend it for yourself or your favorite cat lady!

**Disclaimer: we got our box for free in return for our HONEST review. Getting the box for free didn't influence any of our opinions (or that of the mom). All sponsored reviews contained our unbiased remarks.


  1. I admire people who can start their own businesses. I think it would be nice to have something you enjoy working at, that also brings in an income.

  2. What a fun review. You guys obviously enjoyed the box a lot.

  3. Oh, what fun! My mom loves that cute pendant - and I can tell all of you love those treats!!!

  4. The mom got a CatLadyBox too and she loved everything in it. We love the box, of course.


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