Monday, May 18, 2015

fiesta kittens: 6 weeks old

They are getting bigger and more active. Fortunately no one has made it over the gate yet, but certainly not for lack of trying. Margarita is a bit mouthy with everyone here, so the gate is up and the door is open only when mom is at home to supervise.
However, with more activity, comes the time when kittens are less likely to hold still for pictures.... thus insuring that most pictures now are of them sleeping. MOL

But, on to the weekly weigh-ins:

1 pound 3 3/4 ounces
still our littlest kitten

1 pound 4 3/8 ounces

1 pound 8 3/4 ounces

1 pound 11 5/8 ounces
our current front runner for heavyweight

1 pound 7 1/2 ounces
he refused to look at the camera - take what you can get

Taquito is down a little bit from last week. There is a reason mom doesn't weigh them every day - it would make her nuts. As the kittens are getting more active, it becomes a battle of calories in and calories out. There isn't much of a difference from last week so mom isn't too concerned. She has now caught everyone eating on their own, so that will help.


  1. Blancois interested in Daiquiri. Glad to hear that they are all doing so well. They all look healthy. Have a great day.

  2. Tostado looks so sleepy! We're delighted that they are all doing well.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

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  4. Kittehs! Bebehs! MOMMY QUIT SQUEEING!!! (MOL)

  5. They just keep getting cuter and cuter!!!

  6. They're so cute! We bet they're over the gate real soon.

  7. guys....bee fore two long ewe will all be big az tigerz N drivin carz !!! ♥♥♥


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