Tuesday, March 17, 2015

review from #Chewy

We participate in the blogger review for Chewy.com and while we get the treats for free, our opinions are always our own.

This time we got a bag of Salmon and Cranberries Kittles by Wellness. Mom said we have had enough treats (HEY!!!) so she decided to do something different and took the bag with her last week to the shelter and asked for the kitties there to help her with the review.

Tiger thought they were pretty nommy. Tiger is a 4 year old male who is pretty new to the shelter. Mom loves those big headed boys and he is one of them. Super sweet - though when he is in his cage he puts up a protest until someone lets him out.
He was pretty gentle about taking the treats from mom.

You remember our buddy Moses from last week's Opt to Adopt right?? Well, he still hasn't found his forever home, but he was more than happy to try out the treats and have them 2 paws up. Moses lives in a cage in the lobby but staff lets him wander during the day. Which explains why he is up on the counter.... when his cage door opens...he is OUTTA there.  MOL

This is Bermuda. She was a fan of the treats as well. This lovely 4 year old girl was found by a good samaritan and is looking for a quiet home of her own. She got a break from the shelter in a foster home for a couple of weeks and her foster mom says she is super sweet and even slept in the bed.

And this is Jax. He was adopted from the shelter as a kitten and was recently brought back after two years. (mom is rolling her eyes cause the return reason was just dumb...the guy got a new job and new girlfriend) Anyhow, Jax is always looking for fun. After handing out treats to all the kitties in the shelter, mom put the bag and her camera back in her coat pocket. And then found this (see below):

Yep - those are fang marks. Three different times mom put the treats away and Jax would jump up on the counter, get them out of the pocket and drag them off. After the last time - mom put JAX away. MOL

And don't worry....she brought the bag home and shared some with us too. At only 2 calories per treat and grain-free, these are a good thing with us!!  7 paws up


  1. We're so sorry for Jax - we hope he will soon get a new furever home with nice humans..
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  2. Great review. Happy St Pat's

    Cats of wildcat woods

  3. Jax, Bermuda and Moses will find homes soon, I'm sure of it! Unfortunately, we don't give our kitties treats because of Chuck's intestinal problems, but these Wellness one's look fab! Happy St. Patrick's!

  4. So many cats are returned because the new man/woman in the owner's life doesn't care for them. If my girlfriend didn't like my cats, I'd return the girlfriend.

  5. ...and a thump on the head to Jax' former owner! Jax would probably be around a lot longer than the new girlfriend will.

    1. Oh we agree! Girlfriends come and go, but a cat is forever!

  6. A treat's gotta be good if they're stealing the bag! MOL

  7. guys...grate ree view by everee one...thanx for sharin N we hope each oh ewe iz sharin storeez bout yur gotcha dayz heer... veree veree soon ♥♥♥

  8. What a wonderful idea to share the treats with the shelter kitties.

  9. Those look GREAT! And what a wonderful idea to have the kit-cats at the shelter help with your review!
    Yours sincerely,
    PS: That really stinks about Jax!!! What is WRONG with people!? Don't answer that.

  10. That was nice that the shelter kitties got to try the treats.

  11. Yum-m-m!
    Have a happy St. Patrick's Day!

    Noodle and crew

  12. Those shelter kitties did a great review. We purr that they all find homes soon.

  13. That was a great review, and how nice of you to let the shelter kitties do the honors! Purring and praying these beauties all find their forever loving homes real soon.

    Happy St. CATrick's Day!

  14. Happy St. Patrick's Day...or should we say St. Gertrude's Day? She is the patron saint of cats.


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