Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The Coral Report

the mom here:
Thursday night Coral was doing great. Ate quite a bit, ran through the house, jumped up for some cuddles.

Friday morning ate again. The vet called on my way home from work. The titer test shows she does have an infection. The bloodwork showed mild anemia and a high protein level. Both of which shouldn't cause her to be little and both of which could be caused by her system fighting off the infection. Nothing showed up on the bloodwork to indicate why she really isn't growing. However, short term we decided to fight the infection and deal with the rest of it later. The vet was encourage by my report of Thursday.

Friday night she refused to eat again and was back to hiding (see picture above). I called the vet Saturday morning and took her back for more fluids and B12. She got to spend a couple of hours with me at an adoption event (that should teach her) and she did eat a little there. Back home with party favors - I got fluids and more B12 from the vet to give at home. And bought a different food at the store hoping she will eat that.

Most of the weekend she was still pretty blah. But...the vet did say that some take longer to react to the antibiotic...this is day 5, so hopefully soon. It is supposed to be a 14 day course.

At least as of Saturday morning she was up 1/2 ounce from the previous Tuesday. I would be WAY more worried if she was losing weight. Though I would be MUCH happier if she was gaining weight.

So that is where we are for right now - convincing her majesty to eat and hoping the drugs kick in soon. I'm trying not to worry too much....but we all know how that goes.


  1. I know how it is, albeit it was with the Admiral when it comes to eating...or not eating.

  2. It is impossible not to worry. I will say a prayer for her. http://15andmeowing.com

  3. How could you NOT worry? I'm sending lots of purrs to Coral - I hope she is WAY better soon!

  4. We're purring that little Coral starts to feel better and eats some more. We know how humans worry.

  5. coral...stop stressin yur mom pleez...ya gotta start eatin ore she will make ewe go bak two de place oh eevil....tell yur mom ta ask de vet if itz oh kay ta give ewe mega calorie boost ( petsmart) may bee that will help.....course cookin a seven course meel of flounder, trout, mackerull, sea bass, perch, whitefish, bloo gill, N pizza pie wood help ya az well......as all ways, blessings frum St Francis ♥♥

  6. We're purring loudly for Coral to feel better and to eat. Eat up, Coral, so you can grow strong!


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