Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Opt to Adopt - Great Plains

Hello peeps and fur-peeps of the interwebs and blogosphere!!!

Coral here....and mom told me I could take over the blog today for a special post.
Our friends Maxwell, Faraday and Allie (isn't she fabulous??) at A Tonk's Tail help out their local rescue. Their mom is a volunteer and reached out to bloggers to help generate some adoptions. Since my official gotcha day was just a week ago, this is a big deal to me. I think all pets deserve to live in a home where they are loved and cared for like I am in my home.

See the rescue they work with is Great Plains SPCA. In an effort to help animals in their area and achieve a no-kill status, they won the bid to take over a city shelter. However, their intake numbers ballooned and don't seem to be leveling off at all. They are over capacity and need help. And due to their numbers, they are currently unable to take in additional animals. So this is WAY more than urgent.

You can help out by doing a number of things:
  1. ADOPT!! I don't know if they will transport or let us arrange transport out of state, but we haved asked.
  2. SHARE!! If you can't adopt, maybe you know someone that is looking - or even thinking about looking. Please use the tag #DailyDoseofIndependence on facebook and twitter
  3. DONATE!!  GPSPCA has a wish list on amazon and I know they could use the support if that is what you can do right now.
  4. ADOPT!!!  (I know I already said that, but it bears repeating)

Big Boy
(aka Sebastian)




With 3-4 million animals dying in shelters every year, having rescues and shelters commit to being no-kill is huge....but in this case they are overwhelmed and need some help. The animals are all being well cared for, but their ability to help others is limited until they can get adoptions increased.


  1. I pray that these kitties get families and that other people reading this will encourage everyone to spay and neuter their pets. I wish Vet help was not so expensive.

  2. Good for Great Plains SPCA! I wish I could offer more than mere encouragement. Too many homeless cats is a problem everywhere, as you know. It's not much different in southern Alberta, unfortunately.

  3. We hope some of the cats will be adopted very soon.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  4. Thank you so much for sharing this important information. I just can't imagine a more overwhelming situation.

  5. Big Boy's name is actually Sebastian, our mom found out yesterday. And we love the fact he was sticking his tongue out at everyone when she took the photo - hee! They just dipped below 600 yesterday (woot!) but still, at *almost* 600, that's a LOT. Thank you ever so much for sharing Great Plains' plight - we sure hope we can drum up enough attention to bring adopters in by the droves and get these kitties into forever homes SOON!

  6. Sigh. So many of the shelters are overwhelmed, especially this time of year :-( Sharing.

  7. Coral, I'm glad to see you have taken up blogging--I think you're a natural! I'm also amazed at how much you've grown.

    1. Mom says size is all fuzz and trick of the camera :)

  8. Oh gosh, it is so great that they became a no-kill shelter and so hope they can get the help that they need. Good for you Coral for blogging about this. Wish we could help somehow. Happy Tuesday to all.

  9. How awesome of you to support Great Plains - they need lots of help right now!

  10. coral...thiz bee a grate furst take over post ewe did...we troo lee hope they get de adoptshuns and de help they knead... { psst.....frank ...dood...a bit oh extree help heer pleez with manee thanx } ♥♥

  11. Thanks for blogging about this, Coral. It's important! We're sharing your post.

  12. I hope they find great homes soon, sharing.

  13. Thanks for sharing this important information about Great Plains, Coral. We purr that lots of animals find their forever homes.

  14. They are all beautiful. Sharing.

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