Thursday, April 10, 2014

Up and down


 mom thinks it is a boy - weighing 5 3/8 ounces

 mom cracked the can open before letting the mom cat out of the carrier
her purring was pretty loud and she ate almost the entire can

"dat kitten has a flavor"

 Mom stopped by the adoption center for the rescue to pick up her live trap. No trap returned yet - though EMC (our previous mom cat) is back with her colony. Mom did run into Miss Alyssa who took the orange baby Einstein. He is doing great and is part of the family over there. 

Anyhow, our foster space is open so mom and Miss Mona (the head of the rescue) talked about kittens. There is a feral mom with four kittens that mom saw on Monday. The kittens need about another week with mom and right now they are using the kittens to catch mom when she makes a run for it. They will move to foster and mom will go back to her colony. There were some older kittens. 

And there was the mom above with one baby. A rescuer found her...there were more kittens but had been killed by something despite the mom cat's efforts. But she is a very nice girl and her kitten looks pretty healthy. And the upside is that if we have the ability to take some orphans if need be.

That is the nice part about this rescue...because the primary focus when founded was TNR, they are willing to take feral moms or the less than perfect families and give them a chance. :)

We are purring for all those families in Fort Hood and Pennsylvania. We will never understand how some people see violence as an answer.....


  1. oh wow... that Mom is holding onto her one kitten with a big hug... she looks soo thankful to have been rescued... you can rest now Mommy. You and your baby are in purr-fect hands.

    looks like Mom has green eyes... I'm soo thankful that one of her kittens survived... purrz and prayers for the new Mom, Katie Kat.

  2. How sad for the kittens' Mom that all but one of her kittens died.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  3. de veree best oh fishes two ewe mom N wee kitteh...we bee sorree bout de otherz....dood...we hope ya grow ta bee lion blessings oh St Francis two ewe both...


  4. That is a cute Momma kitty and at least one of the kittens survived. So many things can happen.
    Thanks for your nice shout out about the Person's birthday. She did have a good day.

  5. I never fail to be through the heart grateful to everyone who does this. I know I sound like a broken record but I mean every word.

  6. So sad the momma only has one baby now. That baby will get the best care!

  7. That momma cat and her baby are so sweet!

  8. LOVE that last photo! So sweet!


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