Monday, December 30, 2013

the holly-days....

Mom made it back from Tennessee. She said it is nice to see family but it is nice to get home too. We are behind on blogging and commenting....she didn't take the laptop. We are trying to catch up.  :)

A bit of business first: The Swiss Cats asked about Petco. It is a national chain of pet stores. They don't sell animals (other than fish and mice) and have cages set up for local rescues. We have several stores....the applications are reviewed by the rescue volunteers and the adoptions are through the rescue not the store. :)

And we just realized we forgot to tell you news from before Christmas....Rosemary got ADOPTED!! She was adopted by a mom and daughter. They have a 4 year old kitty. We will let you know if we get updates!

We had a pretty quiet Christmas. The pet sitter came and went and otherwise it was just us. We were happy to see mom get home.

the kid playing with cousin Boots

once everybody gets up, the kid sorts out the presents

 opening presents
we were kind of surprised Boots stuck around like that

no, the polar bear is not supposed to be sleeping on the bed

progress at Grandma and Grandpa's house

The stone on the outside it up. Some of the siding is up. There is primer on the walls inside and the tile guy was at work. The floors had started to go down but the discovered a problem with the way they line up, so they are going to have to pull up what was put down and then do it slower to check all the joints. They will start again on Monday and see how it goes....hopefully it won't slow everything down too much as they can't put in cabinets or anything else without the floors down.


  1. A bit of business first : thank you for the answer. And after that, we see you had a wonderful Chrissymouse ! We hope that grandpa and grandma's home is ready soon, it looks already nice and comfy. Purrs

  2. I'm glad your human is back with you kitties! Paws crossed for more New Year's adoptions!

  3. Building a house never goes as looks lovely.
    Glad you had a nice Christmas

  4. Oo that house is going to be nice! Yay for the adoption! Glad you had a nice Christmas!

  5. We think the new house is going to be lovely. We bet you were pleased to get your human back with you and you had a lovely Christmas.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  6. Beautiful house! We love stonework!
    Glad you enjoyed Christmas!

  7. The house is coming along beautifully! We love the stonework! Did someone get a "polar bear" for Christmas? ;)

    1. nope - the polar bear is about 2 years old and they have had her since she was a puppy :)

  8. polar bear IZ suppozed ta bee sleepin on de bed coz itz CHRISTMAS !!!!! itza rool ya noe....for dawgs.....ponneez two !!!! hope everee one hada grate holly day :) !!

  9. yay! congrats on the adoption! Best christmas gift that kitty could have gotten.- Crepes.

  10. It sounds like your mom had a great Christmas...but we bet you're glad she's home now. Yay for Rosemary!!

  11. Hooray for Rosemary!!

    We wanted to stop over and wish you a happy and healthy 2014!

  12. We like your Mommy's pictures! We are glad she is back home with all of you. And congratulations to Rosemary and her new family! :)


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