Monday, October 7, 2013

Weekend update....

Saturday was pretty did laundry and got groceries (YEAH more cat food). Then those boys in green played on tv with a football. And they won!! That always makes mom happy. She went out that night to meet our friend Miss Kelly for dinner and coffee. She said you have to MAKE time for friends....and they had a nice visit.

We thought Goose and Maverick had the right idea and spent most of Saturday snoozing. It hasn't been hot, but it has been muggy and rainy here, so closed windows still. sigh.....

Jake and Elwood and Amelia (dust bunny) went to the  v-e-t on Friday. They just can't shake the eyeball booger and poor Elwood was so bad that an eye was sealed shut (and the vet tech took a picture - how rude is that?). They are now on meds for 30 days!!! sheesh.....  But we do feel bad - Amelia seems to be feeling ok but we can tell the blues brothers just don't feel good. They are just laying around a lot.

Sunday was the adoption event at Petco. Amelia isn't ready to be adopted yet, but mom took her for the cute factor. If you look close, she is missing her was cleaning the snot off her face and the fur came off. Oops.....

From Petco mom took Amelia to a dog festival. One of her friends was supposed to be there with her new pet care business but ended up not going. But Amelia was a big heard "wait that's not a dog" several times. MOL

She then dropped off donations at the rescue adoption center. As you can see, Amelia was pretty worn out by than and passed out. She recovered though and spent Sunday night running around with Goose and Maverick and Oliver.


  1. Those snoozing kitties are just too cute. Amelia, we think you are one cute gal too. Sending lots of purrs that everyone gets to feeling better.

  2. Love that Amelia was a hit in the dog festival! LOL! Take care

  3. Amelia look such a sweetie. We hope the gungy eyes will get better very soon.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  4. Ooopsie! We hope the eyebrows grow back quickly, Amelia!

  5. No eyebrows? Are they supposed to come off that easily?

    1. nope, but apparently kitten snot is like super glue :)

  6. I think it is wonderful that Amelio got to go out and about! Any time I have seen a cat in public, people swoon. We need to do much more of it! (said the person who never takes her cats out but is making plans to do so)

  7. Poor Amelia and Blues Bros, we hope they show some improvement soon!!!! The boys are purring :-)

  8. We hope Amelia and the Blues Bros feel better soon! Amelia looks like she's wearing an eye mask like Cat Woman or something!
    Play bows,

  9. best fishes everee one getz ta feelin way better reely quik...30 dayz oh medisin iz knot fun...cranberreez....may bee sum trout wood help !!??

  10. Awww...sweet little Amelia. Big purrs to her and the Blues Bros.

    ps - Thank you so much for stopping by with your well-wishes for Glogirly. She's feeling better already!

  11. I sure do hope the little ones are all better really soon!

  12. Aw, we're sorry the kits still gots the eye boogers. We hope they're better soon.

  13. These kitties have found a great place to live and are doing everything in their power to stay forever. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo


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