Thursday, October 17, 2013

Thankful Thursday.....

We want to take a minute away from our good news to ask you to send some purrs to our mom's sister-in-law, brother and the kid. Abby is mom's sister-in-law and Max was her kitty. He had stopped eating and she noticed today he was breathing harder. She called their vet (they had to find a new one when they moved and got a great referral) and the vet said that she knew they were having to make some decisions, but as Max's advocate, it was up to her to suggest that they make today the day. So, as of this afternoon, Max has crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

Today we are excited and very thankful for....


Last Friday mom got a call from the head of the rescue about a man who had come into the adoption center looking for.....Jake and Elwood. So mom spoke to the man on Friday and explained she would be away for the weekend and that the boys were snotty and had goopy eyes. And he wanted to meet them.

So mom went away for the weekend. As she was coming home Monday she got a call about one of the kittens at the Petco store. So mom picked up that application Monday night.

Tuesday everything came together.

Linus was adopted by a wonderful couple.

Mom was glad to see it - there were actually 2 applications and the first was....ummmm....not good. But the second listed their vet and pet sitter as references. He will have a cat brother and dog brother as well.  Good luck Linus.

And then....the man came in to meet Jake and Elwood.

The boys came out and were friendly as always. They were a little distracted by the store, but the man sat right down on the floor with mom and they talked about the boys. The family lost their 18 year old cat 2 months ago and were ready to adopt again. There are three kids ages 11, 10 and 8. It should be great fun at their house. The dad had NO problems with the meds (they were giving their older cat fluids at home). And he seemed pretty smitten. Mom is hoping for updates.....(soon - MOL)  Good luck boys.

In a weird moment, as mom was talking to Abby, the phone beeped about another call. There was a weird voicemail but mom said she thought the number looked familiar. She checked back - and it was the phone of the dad who adopted Jake and Elwood. So mom called back - yep, it was a pocket dial. But since she had him on the phone..... seems the boys are doing great. He said it was midnight before they could get the kids in bed. Mom laughed and said the cats were probably glad to see the kids leave for school. :)


  1. We're so sorry about Max. :(
    Great news about the adoptions! Have a good life Linus, Jake and Elwood!

  2. We, too, are so sorry to read that Max has passed, and we're sending purrs of comfort.

    Super news about the adoptions! We wish them long and happy lives in their forever homes.

  3. That is too bad about Max. So sad when they have to leave for the bridge.
    That is so terrific about those people that adopted Jake and Elwood. It is so great to hear about cats that find such good homes. Have a great day.

  4. Good news and bad, bad news and good... Such is life. It's sorrowful to read of Max passing away. It sounds like he was a loved family member. And now, other families have new members, thanks to adoptions.

  5. We are so very sorry to hear about dear Max and we send loving purrs and hugs to his wonderful family. We are thrilled to learn about the happy adoptions, that is always the best news.

  6. Lots of purrs and hugs to Max' family. It is so hard to make that decision.

  7. There are no easy words of comfort when we have to say good bye to our dear furbabies. There just isn't. We offer up our purrs for the loss of Abby's dear Max as we know her heart is heavy with sadness, even though it was with the greatest compassion that she let Max go to the Bridge. It is hard, so hard.

    We are glad for the adoptions and we wish all of them the best!!!
    From one ending to a life shows synchronicity.

  8. Sending purrs and hugs to your family at the loss of their sweet kitty.
    Yay for adoptions! It's awesome to see kitties get great homes!!

  9. Now that is good news on the kitten front.
    I am very sorry about Max. Send goat hugs from us please.

  10. Sounds like really awesome adopters for these kitties! I'm sending lots of purrs to Max's family.

  11. sending good purrs to max on the rainbow bridge.

    and such good news for these kitties who found forever homes.

    Emma and Buster

  12. God's speed two ewe Max...N R sinceerezt sympatheez two yur familee...

    we R trooly sorree ta lurn bout yur cuzin guys....

    N ta jake, elwood N best oh fishes two ewe all in yur new for evers home...may everee one sell abrate 400 bazillion gotcha dayz !!

    heerz two a grate week oh end !!!!! ~~~~

  13. So sorry to hear of Max's passing. Purrs.

  14. I am truly sorry and saddened about Max flying to the Bridge. He ail be young and happy again and no more pain. As for the adoptees, I could not be more thrilled. xox

  15. We is all furry sorry to hear about Max, we is sending our purrs to his family. We knows they must be furry sad.

    We is happy though for Linus, Jake and Elwood! Hooray for them!

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  16. We are so sorry to hear about Max. He certainly was handsome. But all the adoption news is so great. We will really miss Jake and Elwood but are so glad they have found a great home and caring family. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  17. I am so sorry to hear about Max. My thoughts are with you.

    The other news is good news so maybe it help your heart heal a little faster.

  18. our ((((hugs)))) and deepest sympathy about Max


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