Monday, August 19, 2013

Weekend wrapup....

It has been a busy couple of weeks.....  so let's catch up. First, mom is hoping things settle a bit so we can be commenting a little bit more. :)

Friday afternoon, Busch and Miller were adopted - together!!!  It was by the sister of the woman who adopted Sierra and Sebastian (who emailed us and said they are doing great).
So Stella is the only beer kitten that needs to be adopted.

Since the kittens here haven't been spayed or neutered yet, mom put in a call to Miss Beckie who took a couple of her kittens up there.

We mentioned on our facebook page about a newbie. Well, in fact we have three newbies.

This is Mitts (no, we didn't name her). One of our previous adopters has a friend who found a kitten and needed some help. The woman had the kitten tested and vaccinated but didn't have the resources to find her a home. So Mitts is staying with us until she can be spayed and then she will go up to Petco. And yes, she is polydactyl....on all four paws!!!  She is a little skittish but coming around.

Then late last week, the dog trainer at the Petco store asked for help. It seems his parents have some neighbors who are..... let's go with "idiots". They had a dog that they were neglecting that the trainer's parents took in. Then the next thing you know, they bring home a pair of kittens.....and are neglecting them too. This couple is very kind hearted but out of resources. So, mom agreed to help. And we now have these guys here too:
The pictures were taken at the vet office.r. First rule - EVERYONE gets tested. And they are: negative!! They couldn't be a sweeter pair. They purred the entire time at the vet's office. Wanted to check everything out and were just happy to be loved on. After a night here, we have to agree. Mom let them out into the general population and they have been great. Even Tommy can't find a reason to growl at them (much). They are about 6 months old and once they are neutered they will go up to Petco when there is space as well.

So, names. The couple were calling the smaller one "starvin Marvin" mom was thinking Marvin and Daffy from the Bugs Bunny cartoon. But it didn't seem to fit. She posted a teaser picture on facebook, and Miss Kelly from Whiskers in the Window suggested Jake and Elwood. That works....


So, we have done 4 adoptions in the last 10 days at Petco. And we now have 5 kittens and Licorice in the house. Hopefully the adoptions will keep up and these guys will all be in their forever homes soon.

Oh - and on the Licorice front....she was still pretty itchy so she went back to the v-e-t on Saturday when the boys were going to be tested. They did a skin scraping and found - NOTHING. Argh....  even the vet is a little frustrated. So, she got a steriod shot. If that works, then it may well be an allergy of some sort (heaven help us)....the shot should work within 8-12 hours (mom said as of Sunday afternoon when this is being prep'ed that Licorice does seem better). If the shot didn't work, it is all in the kitty's head. Keep purring for our girl. Dr T did say that Licorice's teeth are pretty nasty, so mom will need to talk to the rescue about that.


  1. Those are some big paws on Mitts! We are purring that Licorice feels better soon.

  2. Hurrah for the adoptions, and paws crossed for the newcomers too.

    Purrs for Licorice, for the itching and for her teeth!

  3. Here's hoping for lots more adoptions. What a great looking bunch of kittens!

    The Chans

  4. OH we purray those adoptions just keep on coming!!!

  5. We just now beautiful Stella will find a brilliant home soon! Take care

  6. I always like the double adoptions.

  7. Wow you have your hands full! Jake and Elwood are too cute...glad they are getting good care now! Hope Stella finds a home soon.

  8. It's great that you got some adoptions at Petco - we'll keep our paws crossed for more.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  9. I love polydactyl kitties! (obviously, Leo!) Mitts is a cutie! A Jake and Elwood too! Awesome! You gots a full house Lady! Hoping for lots of adoptions! I think Licorice is going to keep getting imaginary things until you decide to keep her.. just sayin'..

  10. Poor Licorice...
    I love the polydactyls too

  11. Oh my more kittens. We had almost the same thing happen here. New neighbors that don't take care of their animals. Those kittens you have a very cute. Hope you find homes for the kittens and that Licorice stops itching. Take care.

  12. I love the good adoption news of the sisters both adopting pairs of kittens!

    As far as hot spots, when my cats have had them my vet treated them with homeopathy, which boosts the inmmune system (unlike steroids which depress the immune system). Two of my cats were treated homeopathically for hotspots and they never came back--and one had groomed off quite a bit of stomach fur before the treatment. Unfortunately treatment with steroids doesn't seem to be a lasting solution for these kinds of cases. Homeopathy is generally less expensive than other treatments as well and very easy to administer--generally a few drops by mouth.

    There are probably vets with this expertise in your area and perhaps they would be able to give free or low-cost treatment for fosters. I will give you my vets information in case you want to go in this direction--she may know someone in your area or give you a way to find someone. She is Dr. Jill Elliot ( ) and we are in NY. You can mention that I gave you this information.

    If you have Anitra Frazier's book, "The Natural Cat" and Dr. Pitcairn's book, you know they are advocates of this. Dr. Pitcairn has a website and has trained many vets in these methods--you could also check his site or email him for recommendations of someone to work with you.

  13. Oh, I have a MAJOR THANG for grey kitties...Jake and Elwood are just TOO cute! And I need more poly those toes!

  14. More kittens - how fun! I'm sending purrs to Licorice. I hope whatever is bothering her gets cleared up!

  15. What excellent news about the adoptions. We're sorry Stella got left behind. All the new fosters are cuties. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Misty May, Mauricio, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  16. best fishes in yur new fore evers home busch N miller N heerez st francis' blessings de rest oh de crew finds ther home two....licorice...we hope ya doez knot haz allergeez..whoa on pinnin that one down....may bee ewe knead sum trout !!!

  17. They are adorable. Wishing you many more adoptions. :)

  18. Phooey, I hit a button wrong and lost my comment.

    What I wanted to say was, I'd take Stella if I could. She'd fit right in with my 3 S's...though Saku might not agree!

    The newbies are all adorable!!! Enjoy!

  19. Yay about the adoptions! Purring for more adoptions! :)

  20. That's great news about the adoptions!!!
    Play bows,

  21. Elwood looks like hte perfect name fo the little guy. They're all gorgeous. :)

  22. Oh my goodness! I disappear from the grid for a week and I find Jake and Elwood when I return... LOVE IT!!


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