Saturday, August 24, 2013

Jake Jake Jake

Jake almost gave mom a heart attack last night.
Mom was gone all day from 8am to after 9pm with work, an errand for grandma then an event for the rescue.
As mom was getting ready for bed she Jake. She searched everywhere-TWICE!!
Finally she went down and opened the door into the garage. And Jake strolled by like it was no big deal.
Which it wouldn't be....except our garage door stays open about 6 inches for our feral girl Allie.
So thank heaven Jake didn't go anywhere. And now mom is extra extra careful coming in the house.


  1. It's a cat's purpose in life to give heart attacks

  2. Lucky for you that Jake didn't wander away. Our mommy and daddy have to be so careful 'cause Astrid is very slippery and can sneak out with no one ever seeing. Behave yourself Jake! Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  3. Boy, mom said he heart has been in her throat once for sure when Admiral strolled out while silly Mom held the door open getting the mail. Admiral was scared and Mom was beside herself (we back off into a HUGE woods/forest here) as it would have been all over if Admiral ran into the woods never having stepped a paw out before.

  4. Yikes!! Glad Jake is safe and sound. I know that panic feeling when one goes missing! My inside cats each take turns of hiding somewhere and making me panic when I can't find them! Their sick version of hide and seek!

  5. Jake, you just take things so cool. Stuck in the garage, no worries, just waited it out until you were let in.

    purrs to you, dude

  6. Oh, yeah, that would have taken a year or two off our human's life. Glad Jake was just fine!

  7. Gotta love you, Jake. Stuck in the garage, no biggy. Just hang around, someone will let you back in shortly.

    Of course, you prolly scared a year off your pawrents lifes with that stunt.

  8. Scary moments. We is happy Jake was safe and mom didn't have a heart attack. Maybe a few more grey hair, though!

    Have a great Caturday efurrybody!

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  9. Jake, you sure did give your Mom a few extra white hair! Heehee.

    We gave Mommy a HUGE fright when we were still kittens. Mommy thinks she might have left the window netting slightly opened and when she came up to the room, she almost had a heart attack when she saw us on the roof. MOL! She grabbed the treat jar and was so thankful we were greedy. :p

    ...Cosmo and Ling

  10. OMC, Jake! You made our head peep get an extra gray hair just reading that. Don't do that to your mommy!

    Newton learned to operate the lever doorknob on our tiny, screened front porch one day. Talk about panic! Indoor cats belong indoors. Believe us, Newton got told that on no uncertain terms after letting himself out.

  11. Jake, you're gonna shorten your mom's life if you keep doing stuff like that. Maybe not such a good idea. ;)

  12. Jake! You're gonna give everyone heart attacks! Please refer to the HOUSE portion of the term 'house cat'!

  13. Oh that is too scary. Little Bit has done that to me a couple of times. Sure glad he didn't do off any where. Have a terrific day.

  14. Jake, don't do that again. You will get everyone worried.

  15. I nearly had a heart attack just reading about it. I hope you've recovered from the scare ('cause I *know* that Jake is just fine).

  16. Oh, yeowzers! Jake, don't DO that to your mama!!!
    Play bows,


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