Monday, July 15, 2013

Blog the Change....

Blog the Change

You know us a cat blog. Of course, mom does dog transport, but she is also a big supporter of ADOPTION for all animals....and making sure we do all we can to support change to keep animals from needlessly dying in shelters.

One of the breeds of dogs that don't get out of shelters is the most are the pit bull type dogs. Mom has worked with this dogs before and has yet to meet a mean one. They are generally super sweet and people oriented. It is the things that people do to them that gives them the bad reputation. Used as fighting dogs and despised by the media, these dogs (some of which if genetically tested probably aren't even pit bulls) take a beating.

But we want to talk about some successes. Most of you will remember back to April 2007 when a certain football player (who will NOT be named on this blog) was busted for dog fighting. The judge made an amazing decision....these dogs would be judged as individuals and not automatically euthanized for being fighting dogs. Rescues across the US stepped up, and Best Friends Animal Society took 22 of the dogs. Two of these dogs were deemed unadoptable - one for her behavior. Lucas because of his fight history - he was a grand champion. He lived a well loved life and recently passed away. You can read the blog of Gregory Castle as he tells us all about Lucas.
Picture from Best Friends Animal Society

All of the dogs that were able to be adopted have to pass the Canine Good Citizenship test. And some of those dogs are stepping up to be the face of this breed.  Cherry was super shy and yet now lives in a home with a cat, another dog and a child. You can follow him on facebook at Vicktory 4 Cherry.

Another of the dogs was Handsome Dan. Not only was he adopted, but his family started their own rescue to help save these dogs. Handsome Dan's Rescue even recently took in a momma dog and her puppies.

These are the people and dogs that are helping make a change for this breed. And we couldn't be prouder to support them.


  1. We hafta aplogize, but we arent gonna support pit bulls. We never saw a noospaper report where Beins were attacked by most other dogs.

    1. Pibbles are the kindest dogs you will ever know. NO dog attacks without provocation. If you've never interacted with one, please don't judge them.

  2. We are so grateful for that judge and for the rescues and families who gave those dogs a second chance. :)

  3. Those dogs do get a really bad rap. They are nice dogs for sure. We have never had one, but have heard of all kinds of really good ones. Glad you wrote about this.

  4. @Mark,

    Actually most dog bites occur from small breed dogs.. not pits or any other larger breed dog. Why? because no one is afraid of a little dog. They are also often very untrained and not properly socialized. So you have parents who aren't afraid when their kids walk up to one, you have kids who aren't afraid, and you have a dog that is not trained.. one great big huge mix of bite wounds waiting to happen.

    you hear about pits more because when they do go bad, they go very very bad..

  5. I'm not crazy about dogs myself, but I do know that pit bulls have a bad rap that they do not deserve. Did you know that they were originally bred to be what they called Nanny Dogs? That's right, they were bred to take care of children! Idiot people ruined their sweet reputation..

  6. Thank you for a good news post. You wrote just what I needed to read today.

  7. Great post - so good to read about the successful rehabilitation of these dogs.Hats off to those that put in the time and effort.

  8. Pit bulls are banned here in Ontario--or at least were, we think they still are. We know there's a pit bull "underground" rescue, a former co-worker was involved with transport once or twice.

    It's lousy, vicious humans who have turned this breed into a purported danger. ANY dog can turn on a human in the right circumstances, with the right provocation.

    Just our human's $0.02.

    Thanks for stopping by to visit, especially considering our human's being a stick-in-the-mud re: blogging right now. :-)

  9. P.S. Just saw Connie's comment and I have to agree. I've met the nastiest little dogs, miserable ones that so many humans don't think they have to train because they're tiny and toy-like. ::Shudder:: I don't trust ANY unknown (to me) dog, big or small. (I don't mean I'm afraid of dogs or dislike them, just have learned to wary of them, even on leash, because many really aren't properly trained at all.)

  10. We, well my Dad, has met many a pit bull and says every single one was full of love...and butt wiggles!

  11. dobies, rotties N pits haz all gotten a bad rap in de past...if we haz hurd R mom say it onze, we haza hurd her say it a bazillion times; itz knot de dog...itz de owner....sorry ta heer bout lucas....


  12. I remember watching about Cherry on DogTown. So happy that sweet boy got his forever home. <3

  13. There are no bad dogs...just bad humans with dogs.

  14. Why would any thinking person make a judgement about a dog based solely on its breed? Then again, I guess humans make the same snap decisions about other humans the same way so why am I surprised?

  15. Great Blog the Change post! Refreshing to read some good news :-)

  16. With all the negative talk out there it sure is refreshing to read about positive results and happy endings. Wishing just that for all the misunderstood, mislabeled pets!

    Thank you for blogging -and being - the change for animals!



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