Tuesday, February 12, 2013

That time of year again.....

We love the mom....really we do. But once a year she turns into a total woofie person. See, this thing comes on the TV and we lose her attention for 2 WHOLE NIGHTS.

What are we talking about?

The Westminster Kennel Club Show on TV. Yep - mom is devoted. Give her something to drink and snacks and she is staked out. Tim is hoping she will at least throw a blanket over her lap so he can snooze there.....

Now - before we get down to that, we want to say this: if you want a "breed" of dog, PLEASE consider a shelter or a rescue. There are LOTS of breed specific dogs in shelters that need homes. Check your local area or check Petfinder. Being in a shelter doesn't make any animal bad or broken.....they need love just like any other animals.

Heck, this handsome greyhound boy named Dasher is at the shelter where mom volunteers:
Dasher: Greyhound, Dog; Columbus, OH

That being said, we understand RESPONSIBLE breeding to protect the breed. And the other thing we love about the show on TV - that David Frey.....he makes great comments about all the dogs, tells it like it is ("this is not a beginner dog" or "you need to be smarter than this dog") and tells people to check rescues and shelters too.

Only, mom checked the basketball calendar and realized.....the second night of the show is the same night that our Michigan State Spartans play the evil Michigan Wolverines.

dog show/basketball/dog show/basketball

Let it be said, we are prone to vote for the dog show, cause at least then mom won't be yelling at the TV. But we suspect that the woofies will be DVR'd and we will get to listen to mom yell


  1. I love watching the dog shows too - especially since dogs were my first love....

  2. I sure wish we could watch the dog show. We don't get that channel. We only get three channels and that isn't one of them. That is a great show. Doggies are good too. Take care.

  3. Greetings and Salutations my Wunderpurr Furriends!

    Good mews awaits mew at my blog - come see what I have for mew!


    Bestest purrs

    Basil x0x

  4. You know..I like your mom!!! So does Mommy. xxxooo

  5. Yelling at the TV can only lead to hearburn

  6. Well we watch that one too, those woofies are cool!

  7. I love to watch the dog show. Do you kitties watch the dogs, too? My furbabies ignore them :)

  8. That dog show is amazing (Mommy has watched some of it on youtube)! We don't get that channel here so Mommy will just have to contend with bits and pieces on youtube.

  9. we iz knot a loud ta watch tee and vee sew we wont get ta see de pupz.. tho we haz hurd oh this show....we all sew hurd for bein dawgs...they does put ON a pretty good show :)!!

  10. Thanks for the shout-out for shelter dogs! Let's here it for "blends", too!

  11. Oh boy.. cover your eyes kitties! All those doggies are sure to give you upset tummies! MOL
    Better go with the basketball, if she gets really excited she might forget about her snack and then you can dive in and steal it!

  12. One of our friends is actually showing there today

  13. Hi Jeanne!
    We at the Slimmer pug household always root for the pug...but, alas, it never wins best of group. At least it placed this year in the Toy breeds at 4th!!
    Much Love,
    Mindy :)

  14. Wow! Wolverines in your state are GREEN? They are just kind of nondescript brown grey here.

    Mom is so right about there being plenty of purebred dogs (some with papers) at rescues and every breed has at least one rescue devoted to saving them. We know that from our our WDA experiences.

  15. We's not woofie fans here, and mom better not be, MOL!

    But she does like to yell Go Green at the tv too.

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

    (in my case it's the Saskatchewan Roughriders football team...so I have a while to wait! Enjoy the basketball)


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