Monday, January 21, 2013

weekend transport

Mom did another transport on Sunday. It was a last minute thing....the coordinator thought she had it all nailed down and then a couple of things went wonky and mom agreed to fill in.

This is Carmen:

Mom doesn't know much about Carmen. She is a Cane Corso - but one of the smallest mom has ever seen. MAYBE 50 pounds. And in serious need of a picnic basket of sandwiches.  But mom says she was SUPER sweet and a great traveler.

And mom said she got to thinking while she was driving. There are probably hundreds, if not thousands, of dogs on the road every weekend on their way to forever homes, foster homes or rescues. And at least in the transports mom has been involved with, there are been rare incidents (and never anything really bad). So much is asked of these dogs - be good in the car, travel well, and be handed from person to person for a very long day in a car. And yet they go along with no problems.

Carmen turned around once when mom handed her off, but then got in the next car and she was off. Amazing......


  1. What a great Mom you have taking Carmen on her way to her new home.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  2. We really like this pet transport of helping pets get to their new homes / foster homes / rescues. And truly amazing that these doggies seem to know all the travelling is for a good reason. Keep up the good work!

  3. Awwwww sweet Carmen!! Yay for another wonderful successful transport! Take care

  4. It makes you wonder if they KNOW that they are headed to a better place.
    What do you think Jeanne?
    -Mindy :)

  5. Your Mom sure is the best! Give her some extra snuggles for us, okay?

  6. Why is it I can only think of Yogi Bear after you mention Picnic Baskets??

  7. Poor doggies. But at least they are getting a new home.

  8. we thinks carmen knew everee one bee helpin her! way awesum oh yur mom ta due this for fishes ta ya carmen in yur new home:) XOXO

  9. Whew, I just got caught up, I've been getting very behind in my reading!
    Carmen looks like a sweetie! It is pretty amazing about all the dogs, (and cats!) on the road every weekend!
    It's funny, Leo did great in his transport, at least two hours with Chrystal and eight hours with us, just awesome! But put him in a car now, and wow! Boy's got some lungs!

    About Allie, I'm betting she's so grateful for the full belly and being able to get in out of the wind! I'm imagining last year was not so nice for her if she's old enough to remember that.. You're doing a good thing, hugs!

  10. You are doing a wonderful thing driving for a good cause!!! Thank-you!! You are their angle.
    Thank-you so much for your visit to my blog!!!!
    Circle is my new cat-dog. She is with me 24/7. She even gos in the bathroom with me!!lol

  11. I loved reading this loving story about Carmen and her chance at a home. xoxox

  12. It is as if they understand that this is their chance. Nuka travelled via transport from Florida to Texas, got out of the car, found herself in momma's arms and then was loaded into Pumpkin for a 12 hr. drive to ABQ where she was taken into a strange house and told it was time to sleep.

    YoYoMa had three days of travel, a flight, and was delivered to us in a Park where he instantly has 4 sisters and brothers and new humans...and he is blind.

    Momma has often said she doesn't think she could make the transition so smoothly. Especially when the pups get a new name (like Quinn who only came with a number).

    Thank you for helping Carmen on her way to forever happiness.


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