Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Tabby Tuesday

Dateline 12:15am Sunday night/Monday morning......

There was a crash, bowls banging together and a screaming cat fight with cats running down the hall.

By the time mom got out to the living room with the lights on and squirt bottle in hand, Tim had Tom cornered in the dining room....... (yes, you read that right - Tim had Tom cornered) Tim lost his collar and has MORE new scratches on his nose.  Tommy had a few fluffies sticking out of his fur.

Mom here: I have NO idea what started this. I do wonder if Tim is feeling weird from the stomatitis and is taking it out on the others. Gotta touch base with both vets about how to help him. In the meantime, I got my hands on Tommy and didn't find a mark on him. Tim wouldn't let me anywhere near him. I have NEVER seen those two do anything but play wrestle. I don't know what started it, but it got serious enough that everyone was jumpy for a while. Even Judy in the bathroom was standing in the halloween cat pose with all her hair standing on end.  Ok - except Maestro - he slept through the whole thing...one advantage to being old and going deaf. :)  I am just glad that I had clipped nails a week or so ago. And that Tim went after Tommy and not a kitten or Maestro. It worries me......  I do have pain meds I can give him, but I am not sure that is it and don't like the idea of having him high as a kite - plus at this point he doesn't trust me much so medicating him could be an adventure. 


  1. Could Tim or Tom have seen something outside the house that resulted in redirected aggression? We're glad it didn't result in any serious injuries...

  2. I have been having some similar problems with Maggie going after other cats. Also, maybe the stomatitis is really bothering Tim. I think that is very painful.And if he isn't eating due to the stomatitis, that would make him grumpy too. Hope you can get it figured out.

  3. @Furries - unlikely - we live on the second floor. Mom has dealt with redirected aggression before though....

  4. Sounds like you really have your hands full over there. :(

  5. That sounds distressing indeed. Once in a while, even the best of friends have fights. My Tucker often provokes the others, even though he means no harms. One time, I came home from work to find the house a mess, with fur all over the place and Renn growling at the mere sight of Tucker. But that hasn't happened again. It may just be a one-time incident - but vigilance is always wise, too...

  6. I am very sorry that poor Tim is suffering so. I wish I had an answer for you but I don't. I just hope that the vet finds a solution for you and Tim

  7. We've been having squabbles over here too. So disconcerting isn't it!! I'm so sorry to hear that Tim isn't feeling well. I hope the vet has some help for you. My thought (since you didn't ask for it) is something calming.. rescue remedy, feliway or spirit essences.. won't help the pain, but it might keep him from being so jumpy about it *shrug*

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  9. Do you follow Mariodacat here on Blogger? He is toothless as he had his teethies pulled due to that disease. he was in bad shape when he was adopted and his new Mom and dad had him to a dentist for the work. You might ask her anything that you may think of. Tim will need his teethies taken out. It's the only way I believe.

  10. Things happen sometimes when kitties are not feeling well - the sick one acts out, or one of the others acts out towards the sick one. Binga got more aggressive towards the cat before me when she was ill. It could also be redirected aggression, or a combination of all of it. I hope things calm down and stay calmed down, whatever happened!

    BTW, my human found out about something called Flavor Doh from another cat blogger. You take out a hunk and put the pill in it, and it's very tasty! In case you decide to medicate.

  11. cranberries we just tried ta edit R own post N we dee leeted it in sted....


    we wuz tryin ta add a link yur mom mite wanna chek out tim; if yur vet wood agree; this company offers sum grate products; we haz ordered frum them for yeerz N trust them full lee, for de stomasitis


    and frum de post that bee in cyber spaces sum place we wuz sayin yur mom mite wanna put on sum mewsic.... stoooopid az this sounds.... turn on de radio ore stereo ta sum CLASSICAL mewsic

    classical harp mewsic ore brahms beethoven N bach trooly due help kittehs...all pets reely coz
    it helps em bee less stressed

    purrhaps like everee one iz suggestin tom was playin two ruff N ya had ta turn on him ore ya just felt like fite in each other....happens in TT for sure....

    hope ya get ta feelin better....

    lets see if we can post this without dee leetin it....

  12. Oh my gosh, I wonder what got into him! Poor baby, something is not right. Purring for him!

  13. Oh, no, well you didn't really want to sleep thru the night did you!

  14. We agree with what Sparkle said. Maybe you could try some Feliway to help keep things calm??

    We use pill pockets for meds.

  15. Poor Tim! And Tommy too!

    We hopes Tim feels better soon and efurbody settles down and bes friends again.

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  16. yowie! nothing like cat fights at the wee hours. Poor Tim (and Tom)! we hope things will settle down. Purrs,

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, Hollie

  17. Oh no. I hope they ca feel better towards one another really soon.
    Sending purrs

  18. Oh no! What got into you two!?!? I hope everycat is OK!!!
    Play bows,


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