Saturday, December 8, 2012

Purrs needed......

Joey from Wildcat Woods ran for the Bridge. We are sending gentle purrs to his family.....

And for those of you who have read "Homer's Odyssey" by Gwen Cooper about her blind wonder cat, she has an update on her blog about a scary medical condition they are facing with him. Like any cat owner, famous or not, they could use support we are sure.

And lest you think we didn't notice, the chip-in number went down. Mom took some of the money out to pay the v-e-t bill for the kittens. She just didn't realize the number would go down after she did it. Stupid technology.....   MOL (and then this morning it was back to the original number. ugh)


  1. Well, that is what the monies are for....

    I am sorry about your kitty friends. We send goat hugs

  2. We sure were sad to hear about our dear pal Joey.

  3. We're sad about Joey, too and have visited with our condolences.

    Sorry to hear about Homer. We need to go over and make sure he and his family knows we're thinking of him.


  4. We're purring like mad. Wishing you much peace, love & light this holiday season!

  5. Aww. We'll send some prayers up - and we're so sorry to hear about Joey.
    Play bows,

  6. We saw Gwen's post on FB abotu Homer...hadn't heard about the test results yet. Wow, that's so hard.

    And for Cheri and Joey...

    There is no lack of people who need our comfort and our purss right now for certain.

    So glad you have the funds to use for the ChipIn - we agree with patty, who cares if the $ amount goes down? That's what it's there for!!

  7. I saw the news about Homer being ill earlier today, and I am purring lots for him! Homer is one of the most amazing and courageous cats I've ever run across... but he still could use lots of help right now!

  8. We didn't hear that Homer was ill. We'll go over and see him and lend him some support.

  9. I am so sorry about Joey. And so is mommy. Gave her leaky eyes.


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