Sunday, December 30, 2012

2012 in Review - Part 1

So we decided to look back over 2012.....we thought maybe do the highs and lows in separate posts but decided no one would want to read an entire post about the lows of the year. MOL  So we decided to run 6 months at a is the first half!!!

We started off 2012 with Caramel and Mocha......  Mocha was our tiny baby that mom discovered had an old rib injury that reminded us once again why we rescue....she is in a MUCH better place with her new family now. :)

We gotted our first new cat tree too!!

And this past spring was when things got heated in Florida as TNR came to the forefront with a hotel chain. We have said before that we are ALL for TNR and Junior is the best example.

Before the coffee kittens were adopted, Martin came to stay with us for a while. After he went back, the shelter decided he was going to have to go back to the woman who rescued him since his behavior was unpredictable. Mom ran into Miss Jen this fall and got to see a picture of Martin after Miss Jen found him a new forever home. YEAH for Martin!!

While we were trying to solve the mystery of Caramel's enduring snot, Cheerio came to spend some time with us. Mom has seen his mom at Petco a few times and while he is still shy, he has come around and routinely loves on his new dad. :)

In March we got a call about one of the cats that had been trapped and adopted by a neighbor. It seems that the lady was moving and rather than being responsible, she just left Madam outside. Fortunately, mom was able to catch her and after some minor drama, placed her at Petco and she was adopted by a very nice older couple.....

 The end of March brought a new adventure.  Marble and Silver came to the house. Marble had been spayed and Silver came in as a tiny orphaned kitten. The rescue got lucky and Marble decided that Silver was a nice baby and took her as her own.  You can read mom's favorite Silver memory here

 Oh yeah - and mom got new ink.....

April brought some serious sadness as we were joined by Louisa and her kittens who ran for the Bridge so very soon.....

May brought some serious craziness as we had Wendy and the fast food kittens and then Wild Bill, Annie, Sally Mae and Doc Holiday join us in a short period of time....Ultimately Wild Bill and Annie Oakley ran for the Bridge, but we are glad they got a chance to be loved and safe. And their mom got spayed and the neighborhood where they were found made an effort to do some serious TNR - so they did make an impact in several lives.

 OMG - can you believe that it was JUNE when the alcohol kittens joined us?????  Holy cats....
after staring at the picture, mom thinks the one up front might be Bourb

Stay tuned tomorrow for Part 2


  1. I remember most of those. Silver was one of our favorites. It has been very busy at your house. All the comings and goings. Hope next year is a really good one for finding homes for all the kittens. Not Bourb though. Take care.

  2. You made a lot of cats happy this year. Bless you :)

  3. Busy, busy. And those kitties are so very lucky to have your mom.

  4. We remember when we started visiting your blog, it was about Silver. :)
    Keep up the good work!

  5. You have touched and helped SO MANY!!!! You're an inspiration to all the bipeds out there!
    Play bows,

  6. was so nice to see the little ones again. It's sad that some ran for the Bridge, but if they hadn't been rescued I would suspect most would have run sooner.

    You've had a busy year, and such a positive impact. I am certain all the cats and kittens are grateful for your love and caring! Thank you.

  7. You did so much good work this year... and so far, you have only recapped the first six months!

  8. Wow, that's a lot of kitties you had an impact on, and that's only half the year!!

  9. Yep, revolving cat flap at your house! We give you major props, kudos, and blessing, for all the good rescue work you do, woofies AND kitties.

  10. many kitties that your mom helped. We don't know how you keep them all straight!! :)

  11. You aII sure have more changes during the year than WE do!

  12. We sure enjoyed reading the condensed version of your very busy year...and somehow we missed the new 'ink' in April...Very nice!


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