Monday, October 29, 2012

New experiment.....

If you are living in the path of that hurry-cane, we hope you are all staying dry and safe!!!

Mom has been worried about Allie (the feral mom to the alcohol kittens). We have been leaving food out for her, but mom worries about her when it rains and it is about to get colder up here. But....  we live in a condo association with weird rules. And mom worried about putting a container house out for her to sleep in.  (FYI - we have been doing TNR in the neighborhood and the condo association reluctantly agreed. Mom thinks if we had a bush or somewhere to "hide" a container house for her it might be ok, but everything around our condo is pretty exposed. We have an automatic garage door opener, so mom can leave the door open about 6 inches. Oh....and remember to leave the windows closed in the car - MOL)

 Allie about a week ago

Then mom got to thinking....she puts Allie's food under the a/c unit which is right by the garage. So, would Allie come in the garage to eat and sleep??? So Friday night mom put Allie's food dish in the garage by the door and left the door up about 6 inches.

Saturday am - the food was gone....

And mom realized that she had left the car window open - and Allie must have inspected the car. :)  Since then, mom has actually seen Allie run out when mom has gone into the garage. She will bang on the hood of the car if she doesn't see Allie run out. So, we know that Allie has a safe place to stay a night and during the day when the weather is bad. Yeah!!!  Mom now has a crate turned inside out with towels in it and her food dish on the opposite wall so Allie will be protected from wind and everything between the inside wall of the gargage and the car.

Moonshine came back to the house on Saturday night. He was getting seriously ornery at the Petco. He was growling at mom and she knew if he was acting that way, he wasn't getting adopted. Apparently coming back to the house caused a personality transplant - he has been sweet and outgoing in the past couple of days. Moonshine and Cleo (the momma cat) have been doing some name calling, but Cleo has been name calling with a lot of us, so that is nothing new.


  1. That's WONDERFUL 'bout the garage! The garage will be safe and dry and way warmer than outside. Maybe your mom could even put a nice, soft little bed in there. Yoo-hoo! YOO-HOO!!! purrs

  2. The garage seems like a good solution! If you plugged a heating pad into a cozy spot in the garage, that would keep her coming to that specific spot rather than your car.

    Does the condo association have an official position on spay/neuter of pets? Some I have heard require owners to have all pets spayed/neutered and some may allow TNR and feeding as a management approach rather than just pretending there are no ferals. Of course, I understand that you risk a lot just by bringing up the topic too. Some people are just plan mean and stupid.

  3. Great idea about the garage shelter!

    UhOh....It seems that Moonshine is trying to tell you he wants to stay at your house! BOL

  4. Super idea re: the garage for Allie!

    I'd like to do that for "Toby" here, but I can't figure out how to keep the door only open a tiny bit. I have power tools and lots of other stuff stored in there, and if I leave the door open, I'm sure they'll all be stolen. The garage door is old and opens manually from the outside only (no access to the garage from inside the townhouse).

    Of course, I'd have lots of other neighbourhood kitties...and probably raccoons in there too.

    But if your mom, or anyone else, thinks of something, let me know, please.

    keas DOT fuzzy DOT tales AT gmail DOT com

    Toby uses his insulated "house" on my step sometimes, though, so that's good. But a whole garage...that would be awesome!


  5. We're so glad the garage Allie will shelter in the garage in bad weather.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  6. We're so happy to hear that Allie accepted your invitation to come into the garage! That is so great. :)

    Sounds like Moonshine loves being at your house!

  7. That Allie is a smart one and sure does appreciate you!

  8. Oh good for Allie.
    Maybe Moonshine thinks he found his forever home...

  9. I am glad Allie has a place to come in out of the cold!

  10. Awwwww glad sweet Allie has safe haven to go to!! Yay!

    Hugs to Moonshine!! Take care

  11. We hope you only attract Allie and not some other creatures in the garage. (But great idea!)

    Hailey and Zaphod

  12. We hope you only attract Allie and not some other creatures in the garage. (But great idea!)

    Hailey and Zaphod

  13. Oh thanks for the help. Circle so far has only wanted to play with the kittens!! Hopeful she well help me train the babies to use the litter box, she is only 5 months old so she is really a kitten herself!!
    Oh yes!! Thanks so much for litter help too. We do have clay littler but that is not what is in the box right now but will be when the kittens need the box. Thanks again!!!

  14. Uh oh. It sounds as though Moonshine is saying, " My home is with you!! "

    Great about Allie now having her own garage home-great idea!

    the critters in the cottage xo

  15. Mom is such a pawsome person to keep the garage open a little bit for Allie. We hope no other critters come visit tho!

    It seems Moonshine knows where his forever home should be. Mom says she hope he realizes there are other good homes to be had. Thinking of you all.

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  16. We're so glad your mom came up with a good solution for Allie! And we think Moonshine has decided that he wants to stay with you!!

  17. what a great solution for Allie! yeah, we think Moonshine's trying to tell you guys something... ;-/

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, HOllie

  18. Your family is just wonderful to think of sharing your garage and figuring out a way to entice Allie to use it!

  19. Have we told you lately that your mom is the BEST?!!?
    I think Moonshine wants to stay. :)
    Play bows,


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