Tuesday, September 11, 2012

We haf decided....

   9-11: Never forget
The next improvment to the house is gonna turn the front door into a revolving door. MOL

First mom came home last night a little late. She said she had taken more kittens to Petco and she dropped off this:

yep, that is Whiskey.....we have a surprise later in the week

And then she packed up Poncho and Prada and left again....

When she came back, she went in the bathroom and closed the door. We didn't get to meet these girls, but we know they are in there.


We don't know their story, but we know they came from the clinic we use for spay/neuters. And Matilda had to have her left eye removed....  They both like people but Mindy is hissing at everyone right now. Gin and Bourbon both made it in there last night and Mindy was NOT having it. Matilda is playing with the kittens under the door. We shall see. They are on meds for a cold so they need a few days in there alone anyhow.

Which means the alcohol kittens were out ALL night. It went better than we would have thought. Whiskey actually slept with mom most of the night. She found him this morning under the covers stretched out along her spine. MOL

Oh -and to the Katnip Lounge mom and Callie:
(so there - mom says her limit was 5 cats and we now number 7 - MOL)


  1. Aww they are both so cute. Matilda sounds like a sweet heart. I hope you kitties get to meet the new fosters!


  2. Limits schmimits.

    I once had 17 in 900 square feet.

  3. I thought the saying was... EIGHT is enough. I'm just sayin.

    We will ALWAYS remember this Date!!!

  4. Revolving door, HA! It's one way (in) and you know it!

  5. When I saw Mindy's photo, I thought. Hey. That looks like Boomer! :)
    Sending purrs and prayers the girls make a quick recovery from their cold and for Mindy to adjust to the new environment.

  6. Aw, sick kitties, hope they get better fast! And that both start liking all the guys on the other side of the door!

  7. *taking notes* "famous last words: "Bourbon ...not...staying..." Right. Uh-huh. Gotcha.

    Oh, and mommy says HI to Doc!

  8. sweet Matilda, I am sure she will feel better once she adjusts to having only one eye to keep tabs on the world around her. Hope they both get completely well very soon and make it to their furrever homes. paw pats, Savannah

  9. Oh, Mindy and Matilda are so beautiful! I hope Mindy will settle in - maybe it just too many changes or something.
    Good luck to everyone! I think Bourbon has captured all of our hearts!
    Play bows,

  10. Awww big hello wave to gorgeous Mindy and Matilda!!!

    Take care

  11. It's never a dull moment at your house, that's for sure!

  12. I'm just amazed you can remember each of them and their stories.

    Lovely girls, hope Mindy settles in soon.

  13. Well, there do seem to be lots of comings and goings...the new girls need to get well first then let's here their stories. Matilda is already intriguing...we send WDA healing energies

  14. Bless your mom's heart for fostering, and for her devotion and patience. No revolving doors here, no sir. My mom's not ready for fostering again just yet.

  15. Your Mom is so sweet to foster. We are purring that all find forever homes.

  16. My Lady says she wishes she could be like you and have kittens and then help them find new homes, but she would just end up keepin' them all. She says she has a lot of respect for people like you. We think 7 cats would be great to play with! Keep helping the cats! Hailey and Zaphod, cat lovers!


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