Sunday, September 9, 2012

Mo Cats Day

Mo: Yeah - it is Mo Cats Day again!!!!  One more day ALL ABOUT ME!

mom: uh buddy, we talked about this last year.

Mo: I know, but this year I was told that if I wished really hard and signed the petition, the day would be about me.

mom: who told you that?

Mo: um.....Tim and Tom.....  oh man - they lied to me didn't they?

mom: yeah buddy, I am sorry about that.

Mo: son of a ____

mom: MOZART!!  Keep it rated G - we got kittens reading this.

Mo: ok, so it isn't about what?

mom: now we post lots of cat pictures to make it about Mo Cats!!

Doc and Gin



bring on the treats!!!


  1. Who would every suggest a no cat day? Life without our cats would be sucky! We like Mo cat day a lot. Enjoy it.

    Hailey and Zaphod

  2. We still can't believe something had the nerve to think there should be no cats on the Internet for one day! Happy Mo Cats Day to you!

  3. Happy Mo-Cat to Mo and the gang!

  4. Well, don't feel bad, Mo. I would have fallen for it, too. I like the sound of Mo Cats Day!!!
    Play bows,

  5. Poor MOzart!
    Happy Mo' Cats Day, from the Mo' Kats Lounge!

  6. BWAAA-HA-HAAA! Mozart! HIGHPAW dude!
    And Mommy says SQUEE for Doc again...!

  7. Happy Mo Cats day to Mozart and all the rest too!

  8. yea for MO CATS DAY...too bad it isn;t about Mozart, that would be cool too, paw pats, Savannah


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