Monday, July 2, 2012

Mom's Saturday Adventure....

We know you want to hear about the adventure, but first - a break for some kitten news: the fast food kittens were neutered on Thursday and mom got to see them at the shelter on Saturday.
They all looked great. And..... the Rally man was adopted on Sunday.
Happy Gotcha Day Rally - concats to your new family!!

And, now.....on to the adventure (oh, and the powers stayed on through the brief storm yesterday - yeah for a/c!!):

We know what you are thinking....that is NOT Penny the Beetle.
Nope.....this is the official June 30 Bloodhound Transport Vehicle.

See, mom got an email a couple of weeks ago from the bloodhound rescue that there was supposed to be a huge sale in Ohio on June 30th of puppy mill dogs (of all breeeds - total number to be sold was over 546). We HATE these things. But the rescue had a possible opportunity to get a pair of bloodhounds and mom assured the rescue that we were in and would do whatever to make sure they made it to the temporary foster near us.

The slobbery kids were picked up by mom and transferred into the rented transport vehicle. Neither knows anything about a leash or cars. They both had to be picked up to be put in the SUV.

This is the girl. The idiot (and that is all we are going to call him) said she had been only bred once, with puppies weaned in February (no, we have no idea what happened to the puppies - presumably sold in a pet store or online). Mom took one look and her and snorted - she told the rescue coordinator that if this girl had only been bred once, mom would eat her auction tag.

This is her handsome boyfriend. They weren't in bad body condition and their skin wasn't bad - though in need of a bath (or four). Put his nails were so overgrown....there was one that had to be an inch and a half long. Plus it appears both of them may have abcesses between their toes from the wire crates.

They will both go to the vet tomorrow and be checked out. They are approximately 6-7 years old. Hopefully they can adjust to a home life quick and find their forever homes.

Mom got to name them too - she decided to name them Marie and Edison. They are named after her maternal great-grandparents. Both started life out a little rough but once they met each other their lives got so much better and they lived a love story. Mom figured that was a good start for the slobbery kids.

As a side note: she rented a Chevy Equinox (pictured above). While she wasn't sure how she was going to like an SUV considering our regular car, she was surprised how much she liked it. She couldn't get 2 big dog crates in the back, but the one did fit and Marie traveled tethered next to the crate in the back.


  1. Hmmm. A six or sseven year old dog from a puppy mill that has only been bred once...yeah right!!!
    Thanks for coming to their rescue :) Are paws are crossed that they will find the most loving homes and be spoiled rotten!
    We have an award for you so drop by when you have a moment! :)

    the critters in The Cottage xo

  2. Thank you for saving those two dogs and we hope they will have good homes when they have settles in.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  3. Neutered and adopted practically the next day? That's WONDERFUL! purrs

  4. We sure do love adoptions and escues and adoptions!

  5. How wonderful those doggies are going to have a happy life now. Stupid puppy mills.

  6. Oh thank you! Kisses and whisker tickles to you over and over for your part in this rescue.

  7. as you know you are my angel for always helping the bloodhounds out. They are really good looking, that is so sad the conditions they are kept in. I so wish I lived closer so I could foster. the bloodhound rescue group that is the closest to me covers like 4-5 states and they just dont have a large intake here in the south :( I love the SUV you rented! Good luck to these two hounds.

  8. We sure do thank you for going to get those two blood hounds. Wow that is a lot of dogs for sale and we sure hope they all got some homes. They do look like nice dogs. Glad the kitten got a home. How is Bourbon doing?? Not the drink, the kitten.

  9. Oh, bless you (in the universal sense) for transporting them.

    The owner of the puppy mills, well, we can't put into print what we think should happen to them.

    Crossing paws for Marie and Edison's adoption, when they're ready.

  10. Since you are going to be nice and only call them idiot - we will fill in the blanks.... Why that
    *(%^%$, stupid &%*%. I hope that one day &%** happens to your

  11. We hate backyard breeders and puppy mills. Awful awful AWFUL. We hope Marie and Edison get a clean bill of health and adjust quickly to home life.

  12. wow, that was quite an adventure, and great names for them. Wishing them a far far better existence then they have known prior to getting in your car.

  13. HURRAH! Kudos and good Karma to your Mom.

  14. Have we told you kit-cats lately how much we love your mom?
    Play bows,

  15. What an adventure! The slobber goobers are fortunate to have been rescued. Good work!

    Happy days for Rally too, glad to hear he was adopted so quickly.


  16. I hope those guys find loving forever homes very soon.

  17. Hoover, my rescue and former 'stud' of a backyard breeder thanks you, as does Dyson, the next generation.

    yeah, bred once. uh huh, sure, you bet

  18. Awwww Marie and Edison! :-( Awww poor woofies!! They look so sweet - oh but the bad person who bred from them! Bad, bad, bad!:-(

    Take care

  19. all our best for Marie and Edison :) We just can't say thank you enough for being there for these pups and the kitties too.

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, Hollie

  20. Thanks to your family for all you do to help these babies out.

    We have an SUV and don't think we will ever look back to a car again. :)

  21. Two more lives saved because of your mom!! Yippeee!


  22. We love the names chosen and the story behind them! We are sending White Dog prayers that both find forever homes quickly...or maybe even on home that will open their hearts to both. Thanks for what you do!


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