Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Poor Arby.....

Hey, guess what?? We is famous!! We have been written about in The Blogville Chronicle.
     ummm....about that - the article is about Allie and the kittens.

WHAT???? geez....those kittens get all the press.......

Mom noticed he was limping Sunday night. Part of her said he was playing too hard with his siblings and the outlaws. But...Silver has calici early this spring (though she was never near these kitts) and that was how is started for her.

We kept a close eye on the boy, but by last night he was pretty lethargic and warm. Mom force fed him some fluids, but he found her unamusing. Mom sent a text to the shelter director and dropped the baby off at the shelter this morning.

We just heard back from them - his temp this am was 106 but is now down to 101. Another foster that works from home is going to take him and make sure he gets syringe fed every 3 hours. They are thinking it is just a high parasite count.... (which we had last fall with Troy - same high fever without the limping). Silver never ran a fever like this though.

Please send our foster boy some purrs......we know he could use them (and for his new foster mom Jen - our mom shudders at the every 3 hour thing - though she would do it to help him).


  1. We have our paws crossed for this sweet boy.

  2. Lots of purrs from us, we hope he'll be okay.

    The mom has a question about nursing kitty moms -- even if the cat was very floofy, wouldn't the teats be visible? Thinking of the little black cat hanging around with Toby now. It's a YOUNG female, no visible sign of teats, possibly in heat. Extremely thin.

  3. yea for being famous!! :)

    I'm sorry to hear about Arby.. So bizarre the string of limping lethargic kitties. Mine didn't have a fever that I noticed and they kept eating, so maybe they didn't have the same thing.. but it is still just odd. I hope he recovers and quickly and as completely as my foster kittens did,.

  4. Poor baby! We will be purraying for the little guy.


    Pee.s. So glad to feature you in the Chronicle! Thanks for letting us interview you!

  5. Lots & lots of purrs! I'm sending a whole whack of them... ASAP!!! purrs

  6. Awwwww please please get better!!! Awww such a tiny kitty!! Purrs and hugs! Take care

  7. Sweet baby, we hope he will be okay!!!

  8. We're sending love and prayers for this sweet little boy!

  9. Poor little guy! We sure hope he starts feeling better soon! It's wonderful that you noticed, though, and jumped on it!!! Way to go, Mom-o-the-RandomFelines!!!
    Play bows,

  10. Poor little guy :( sending purrs from Austin xox

  11. Featured in the
    Blogville Chronicle??? THAT really DOES make you FAMOUS fur SURE...

  12. We're sending lots of purrs and keeping our paws crossed for Arby baby. It's good that your Mom took quick action and thank you, new Foster Mom Jen for helping with the 3 hourly feeds. :)

  13. Poor baby! We are sending big and rumbly purrs and prayers!

  14. I am sending lots of purrs the little guy's way!

  15. We are purring loudly for Arby!

    Laura & Taffy

  16. Sending our purrs your way for the little guy.

    Congrats on the article - good work everyone!

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku (Mom Eileen)

  17. Aw purrs for the poor little guy! Hope he gets better fast!
    Congratulations on the article!

  18. Sending White Dog healing energies that this boy rebounds in no time! Strength and thanks to Jen!


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