Sunday, May 20, 2012

people suck.....

Before we get to that, we are sure most of you already know that Sammy from SASS ran for the Bridge of the weekend. We know Judi and the girls could use your purrs....

Now, we are going to hand the blog over to mom. We will warn you, if you have kittens, you may not want to let them read gets a little mad and used a couple of words from the bad werd list.

Most of you remember the whole thing with Louisa....  when I picked up this group of kittens with Wendy, I had one of her remaining kittens.

Until last night - Hardee was failing and I knew it. I called the shelter director and we made the call together and I took her to help her across the Bridge.

All told, this means that Louisa and 3 of 6 kittens have died. The shelter director said they have run some tests and there doesn't seem to be anything obvious.

But, I said it before and will say it again here....had the woman who found Louisa last summer taken just a LITTLE responsibility, then NONE of this would have happened. Either take her in, get her to a shelter or rescue or at least get her spayed. This woman did none of that until a 10 month old kitten showed up and had kittens. And maybe she has excuses or a story or whatever.

You know what? I don't care. I really don't.

And here is message to her: Karma is a bitch and I hope she finds you. And on a personal note from me to you, fuck you - times 4.


  1. I sure wish I could argue with you, but mostly humans are not humane, except the real animal lovers.

  2. This kind of thing happens all too often, I'm afraid. Too many people just assume 'someone else' will deal with things. 'Someone else' will take care of matters. 'Someone else' will fix whatever is broken. Everyone wants to pass the buck and no one wants to assume any responsibility. You're right... way too many people suck.

  3. We totally agree with you. We covered Mahoney and Two Two's eyes.LOL
    That is somewhat what I go through every day. My neighbor last night told me that her uncle had a cat and some kittens on their back porch and of course I said, I hope they will get the momma fixed and the neighbor of course said, NO WAY. It drives me batty. That is so sad about Louisa and the kittens. I think when they have kittesn that young, the kittens can't be very healthy especially if the momma wasn't getting any good food. Take care.

  4. I didn't let the boys read this...Absolutely agree with you. I'd like to think there's Cosmic justice, but, on the surface anyway, some people seem to escape it. If you're that callous and cruel and stupid and ignorant, you're probably not self-aware enough to realize any cr*p that comes to you is of your making, essentially.

    I'm just so sorry. Wish there were words to help.

    There is no such thing as an underestimate of average intelligence. --Henry Adams

    To be stupid, selfish, and have good health are three requirements for happiness, though if stupidity is lacking, all is lost. --Gustave Flaubert

  5. You have no idea how many females the publicist got fixed that people dumped at her old house in NJ. People think cats cat just survive in the "wild" 'cause they can eat mice. They don't think about all the kittens they produce and predators and that it's not a healthy lifestyle at all.

    I'm very sorry about the baby.

  6. I think my human added a few bad words when she read your post! She doesn't mince words and she doesn't like other humans much who don't understand the role of guardianship when it comes to domesticated animals (or looking out for any creatures, for that matter).

  7. Hey, I've heard words like that before (I hear confessions, remember?)..and they're usually saved for extreme cases when nothing else fits..We agree with you. No sense of responsibility, stupidity and laziness..there's just no excuse and we're so sorry to hear there's another casualty of a human's neglect!!

    Tom xx

  8. Amen, sista!!!!!
    Zim and Dave's mom

  9. I'm standing beside you waving the flag! The lack of common sense is amazing, frightening, and downright stupid. It is such an awful thing to think those babies and their mama died simply because of her inability to care.

    I still thank goodness for you, and the work you do, to save as many of these poor kitties as you can.

    I don't doubt for a minute this woman will eventually have paid back to her what she has earned.

  10. You said it...some people really do suck. Stupid, stupid, stupid!!!

  11. And you know, Brian also said it well. People are not humane at all except the animal lovers.

    I am so so sorry about the baby. It hurts me to know all of this has happened and for NO reason at all..just terminal stupidity on that woman's part.

  12. You're right, of course. There are far too many people out there who are quite unable to spare a thought for anyone or anything but themselves, and we would all like to see some kind of retribution befall them. But never forget the good guys either. People like YOU.

  13. Mommy agrees with you completely. There's a man on the next street who doesn't bother to neuter his cats and when approached, says to let "nature take it's course". Which is, to let the cats either get killed by cars OR to die of illnesses. It really makes Mommy angry and boy, does she have colorful words to describe that man.

  14. *sigh* I really do like people who thinks this sucks.. Thanks for the reminder that "they" aren't all bad.

  15. Sigh. Stupidity does rule the day all too often.Sometimes I feel I couldn't possibly be human because I am surrounded by a species that seems so alien to me in its' determined ability to navel gaze and live in a complete me centered world...

    LP and the critters in The Cottage xo

  16. One of the many reasons I do animal rescue is because animals are so much better than people. People created the cat/dog over population problem. So yes, I do animal rescue because I speak for the animals who cannot speak for themselves. But I also do it because people do suck.

    I'm so sorry for Louisa and her babies. I hope the rest of them make it.

    Thank you for all you do.


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