Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Who invited her???

What the heck???

Mom came home and 3 ladies came upstairs hauling all their stuff.

Run!!! It's the v-e-t.......

Don't get us wrong. Mom likes her. We are sure she is a nice lady. But she comes bearing pointy objects...

Yep, time for Spud and Mozart to get their annual exams and shot. Junior is supposed to get his too, but mom decided that since he is making social progress, she doesn't want to push her luck with him and set back his progress. Since he lives in the house and is only a year and a half old, she figures it is ok. And yes, the v-e-t is ok with it...for now. :)
   (no snickering Junior - it is unbecoming)

Mom grabbed Spud to put him in the bathroom and he grabbed her back - she has a perfect 4 point toenail mark on her arm...even the ladies felt bad cause those nails went ALL the way in (ouch). And Mozart was his normal snarky self....poor mom. Mo is a nice boy until the v-e-t shows up - and then he turns into the cat from hell.

Here is something interesting - Tim, Tom and Mozart have magic microchips....the display shows their chip info and also their body temperature. Dr Taylor says she has never seen this before (or since) and finds it fascinating. We think it should be standard issue to avoid certain indignities at the v-e-t.

Mom also had Dr Taylor check on Maestro. He gets checked every 6 months since he is so old (17 yrs last November). He is still eating and using the box, but mom wants to be sure. Plus she felt a bump at the base of his tail that makes her nervous. Dr Taylor did draw some blood and other stuff to check him out. We should have his report card by the end of the week. The bump? Turns out it was his hip bones...oops. MOL

Dr Taylor let mom weigh Silver too.  She now weighs....at 4 weeks....1 pound.


  1. Oh Silver...you darling. KISSES!

    As for the rest of you..you really REALLY must treat mommy better. I know..it's hard to realise that "it's for your own good" stuff when it's all happening but still.....

  2. LOL @ the bump being his hip bone. But that's a good thing! :-)

    We're not laughing about the vet visiting, though, and being poked and prodded, since it's an ordeal. But we ARE impressed you have a vet who makes house calls. Like that would ever happen here....

  3. Well it doesn't sound like too bad of a visit!

  4. Your doctor came to your house? INTO your house? Into your domain? Your haven? Don't know how I feel 'bout this. But... guess it's a lot better than going into clinic, huh?

  5. You get home visits from your vet? That's very impressive!

    The Chans

  6. It's awfully nice of your vet to come to your house! We love our vets and all the students and the vet techs!
    Play bows,

  7. All in all, it sounds like you all got a clean bill of health (MOL about the hip bone ... and that COD that's what it was)!

  8. How nice that the vet makes house calls. I'm glad it was nothing serious with the bump. I lost two cats to tail cancer and that is how it started....

  9. Mum wishes our vet made home visits although with the charges at the vets she says she would dread to think how much a home visit would cost. Silver is such a tiny little kitten but she's got the squee factor!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  10. You kitties are lucky you have a vet that makes home visits! I hate going there.

  11. Glad everyone's doing well after the checkup...well, except for Mom. Heehee.
    Mommy has been toying with the idea of getting a vet to come to the house to give us our vaccination but she worries it might stress everyone out. And she doesn't want us to feel "unsafe" in our own home...

  12. Awwww beautiful kitties!! Yay for the nice v-e-t lady!! And little Silver!! Awww One whole pound! Good for you! Take care

  13. Oh Silver I want you!!!

    You are fortunate the vet comes to you, but I guess it would be worth their while with your crew. Our vet can barely have time to remove his arm from up the back of a cow to see to poor Austin’s needs (being a farming area lol)

  14. You have a wonderful vet, to make house calls!

    One of us here (Cookie) had a tail bump that was cancer and now has no tail. That was 2 yrs. ago and he is still doing OK.


  15. I too am impressed about the visiting vet. I like your idea about those chips, I love the thought of no more sticks in private areas!

  16. Better to have the vet at home than to be shoved inta the PTU an driven to the noisy place with the doggies and the cold metal table!

  17. Wowsers! A vet who makes house calls! Now that is service :)
    Glad to hear all is well and that would include Mo's hipbone! Heehee.
    Silver is just too cute for her own good! Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...

    the critters in The Cottage xo

  18. Y'know...we'd much rather have the v-e-t come to our house than getting stuffed into a PTU and taken to some strange place that smells like woofies!!

  19. Sounds like everybody did well except Mom. Silver weighs a pound! Yay!

  20. Haha! I prefer situations like that. It's fine with me when my vets drops by on our homey. The only thing that I don't like is when I was in her clinic, even though we're not doing anything yet, it simply feels so creepy being there.

    Dog Fence


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