Thursday, February 2, 2012

Things on Thursday....

Hollie (at Petco - see Tuesday) is a tortie. Miss Beckie from the rescue called the store yesterday and she isn't hiding anymore and is coming out to greet people. Bobo is kind of whiny cause he is lonely. The plans to bring his brother over aren't going to pan out as his brother now has the snot. Poor baby...

Caramel went to see the v-e-t yesterday. The vet said that he was being undermedicated and that a higher dose of doxy should help. She was a little short with mom at first but did come around and realized that mom was doing what she was originally told. He weighs about 3.46 pounds now (holy moly) and should hopefully be sneaking up (silently) on his sister in about a week. :)

While at the v-e-t mom asked about Mocha - she asked if someone had a chance to look at the x-ray. A radiologist did look at it (no idea why no one called with a follow up). Turns out it isn't a birth defect (and in some good news, mom has been keeping track and it doesn't seem to curve in quite so far, so it does seem to be growing as she does). The x-ray showed 3 fractured ribs and lung contusions from a previous injury. Someone hurt this baby and caused that damage. We and mom are pretty angry..... mom would like to hunt that person down and kick them - though sadly, in this state, she would do more time in jail for that than the person would for hurting Mocha. At least now we know what happened and that she isn't going to suffer in the future. She did go with Caramel to the v-e-t this morning for "moral support"....she scratched mom and used some bad werds - we don't think that was very supportive.

Finally, the weather was nice today. Mom took some time off from work for "mental health" and....she OPENED SOME WINDOWS!!! It isn't supposed to stay nice around here, but the fresh air was a nice break for February.


  1. That poor sweet Mocha, that makes me angry too. I am glad all else is going reasonably well!

  2. Grrr...when will our law makers learn? People who hurt animals are criminals, period, end of sentence.

  3. So sad Mocha was hurt but now she is safe with you. Thanks for all you do!

    Cats of wildcat woods

  4. How horrendous! this is such a sickening thing to hear of our animals being abused by others...makes me furious! Poor Mocha...and give her hugs!

  5. Oh dearest sweet Mocha!! Oh poor baby! :-( She must have hurt so badly too. Poor thing!! We are just so happy she is safe with Caramel in a place full of love and joy!

    Take care

  6. We are ALL angry here about whoever did that awful thing to Mocha - there need to be harsher laws regarding animal cruelty.

  7. Our mom thinks there's a special "reward" waiting in hell for people who abuse animals like that!!!
    I bet you all loved having the windows open!
    Play bows,

  8. If you mom wants help in hunting down the human monster that hurt Mocha our momma will gladly drive the car! We get so "strap-on-the-battle-gear" mad when we hear of things like that!

  9. I don't understand people who hurt animals....

  10. Poor sweet kitty! I don't understand why people do the cruel things they do.. But I'm glad she's in your hands now!
    Get your window wiffies in while you can, babies, February rarely stays nice.. I've heard it called the armpit of the year.

  11. sweet furbaby. we really get mad at people who are cruel to furries too. we get really mad.

    emma and buster

  12. Oh, poor Mocha! How can humans be so mean??!?


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