Sunday, February 5, 2012

Cat from Hell

Just wanted to say that mom LOVES watching Jackson Galaxy (as we know many of you do as well). First, she loves that they changed the intro - no more screaming cat (which made at least one cat here jump out of their skin).

But more important, it gives mom a resource to use with adopters. Last night he talked about declawing and reintroductions. Interesting since mom has met a man that afternoon who was looking at Bobo at Petco and talked about declawing. Mom said to wait and see what happens - since there are consequences like biting. Lo and behold - the guy had a lightbulb moment....their current female 4 yr old cat was front-declawed....and she bites. Interesting.... (side note: if they decide to adopt, they are going to call mom, but either way mom hopes she gave them something to think about)

So, love those kitties, keep watching...and know that mom loves that this show makes us look a LOT better....  hahaha


  1. Momma hates the idea of declawing. I feel so sorry for those kitties who have to endure that

  2. mol! we wish we had a tv to watch his show but we do always look for his YouTube videos. We all hate the idea of declawing. We hope that if these people won't change there mind on declawing, they'll look to adopt a kitty that all ready is. Purrrs,

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, Hollie

  3. The publicist has had many cats. Many, many, many cats. She is totally against declawing. But there was Fred. Fred was the most destructive cat she had ever had. She tried EVERYTHING. And she means EVERYTHING. Finally the male person said it was his claws or Fred. So Fred was declawed. Didn't bother Fred. He acted exactly the same. Still clawed at everything but did no damage. He did not bite; he was still the friendliest cat the publicist had ever had. He climbed trees, he chased his cat brothers and sisters.

    She was very sad when Fred died.

  4. I have no idea who this Jackson fella is but declawing is wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong. :-( It's wrong! It's illegal here and should be so worldwide!

    It's wrong.

    Hope mum does make that man think - really think - about such mutilation!

    Take care

  5. We think Jackson Galaxy and his show has raised the awareness of a number of issues with cats. We're glad your mom was able to make that hopeful adopter think about not declawing!

  6. I just wrote about the show again the other day. While it is a reality show and as such, some of it is contrived (IMO), I do think it is a valuable way to communicate to cat owners. Each show has important messages. I was surprised he came down so lightly on the declawing, actually, which I consider to be the most barbaric thing ever. I suppose he couldn't very well go ballistic or the owners might refuse to continue taping - but he didn't express the level of disgust I would expect for such a thing, esp. from a cat lover. It SHOULD be illegal everywhere and I can't believe there are still vets who do the procedure. Sorry for the long comment, I'm stepping off the soap box now but I'm just so against declawing that it riled me up.

  7. The great majority of humans have NO idea what declawing is, or what can happen to a cat's behavior - and no matter how smart and aware a human is, they can NEVER know how it actually feels to be declawed because they are not cats. We need humans like Jackson Galaxy - and your human - to help spread the word.

  8. We love it too, well the first season anyway! The second one is yet to air in Australia. Cant wait though :o)

  9. I once had a vet friend put declawing this way: how would humans feel if the cat took them to the doctor and demanded that the doctor cut off each of the humans fingers down to the first joint?

  10. Teri quit cable to save some money so we don't get to watch Mr Galaxy...waaaaa! But we are glad it helps educate people, fur sure! Thanks, as always, for visiting and leaving your pawprint on our bloggie!

  11. I love that show! He's helped a lot of kitties, and not all of them are on his show, MOL.
    I used to get my kitties declawed, and they never acted like they cared or even noticed, and ever turned into biters. The biggest biter I've ever had is Star and she has all her claws! Still, with the invention of cardboard scratchies, I don't think it's an issue for me any more. They can claw the crap outta the cardboard and I don't care. They still get the couches.. but not as bad. I can live with it.
    (declawed cats were like 20 years ago before anyone had any issues with it so dont judge please!)


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